Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow: Review & Swatches

Now that I have officially finished the worst of my hell week, I can concentrate on more important things, like the Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadows.  As you probably already know Buxom is a spin-off from Bare Escentuals.  I know that BE has a huge following and everyone loves their powder foundation, etc., but I'm actually a bigger fan of the Buxom line.  It seems to fit my personality and lifestyle a little better, and I enjoy the fact that I have an option of choosing a formula that's not loose powder.  They have quality products and best of all just like BE, Buxom has a bunch of great sets as well.  I even got one of these bad boys in a set.  According to the info, these are only sold at Sephora.

To continue with the review and see the swatches, click the link.

These eye shadows are technically a cream, I think.  If you haven't felt these, they're nice and bouncy.  It's easy to spread the color evenly onto the eyelid.  You can buy a separate eyeshadow brush that is meant to be used with these.  Personally, I just like spreading it with my fingers and that works just fine.  Although most of the colors I own are more of the "neutral" variety, they do have other brighter colors.  I initially got these as a quick "go to" shadow that I can swipe onto my eyes when I'm in a hurry without worrying if I did a neat job, and it fulfills that role perfectly.  Especially since all the colors are nuanced and have different shimmer particles in it to create a complex flattering sparkle-sheen (not in your face glittery, but does have an extra oo la la).  These are meant to be waterproof and long lasting as well.  I've never jumped into a pool with it on, so I can't tell you the waterproof-ness, but it is long lasting.  All this while having aloe and vitamin E to calm your eyes. And you know the best part?  It's named after dog breeds!  (If you haven't guessed, I love dogs).


First in the line-up is Pug.  It's a rather appropriate color for it's namesake.  It's a pretty silver with multi-toned shimmers in purple, green, and gold.  It can pull a little taupe-ish in some lights.  If it's possible to be such a thing, it's a warm toned silver.  For being a lighter color, you can get it opaque.

Bulldog is a pretty royal blue with blue and purple shimmer.  It has such a pretty pop in the pan (darker in real life than what the photo shows), but alas it doesn't quite translate onto the lid.  You just can't get it opaque.  It gives a pretty wash of color and I still like it, just not the color I reach for most often.  You can also see from the photo that the product has completely separated from the pan, but it doesn't affect the quality.  I just need to be careful it doesn't fall out on to the floor.  Just note that this might happen to yours.

Poodle is a nice lemony pale yellow with a brighter yellow, orange, and pink shimmer.  Don't let the light color fool you since you can build it up.  It's a nice color that you can use as a wash across the lid. Very pretty color, not a huge fan of the dog though.

Beagle is the one I got from a set with other items. It's a pale pinky lavender (even though it looks more lavender in the picture) with purple and gold shimmer particles.  The actual pan color is a little darker than what is showing up in the picture. It can build up to become opaque.  As you can tell by the large dent I made into it, I use it a lot.  I'll do a post on my quick go to eye look using this product in the near future.

 As you can see by the swatch pictures, only Bulldog is sheer in coverage. Even a light color like Beagle is opaque enough to cover my mole on my hand.  These hand swatches are color accurate.

Pug, Beagle, Poodle, Bulldog

Here's a look I did with Poodle on the inner half and Bulldog on the outer half of the lid. I also happen to be using Buxom Lash Mascara as well, fyi.

Last, but not least, what I consider should be the new dog inspirations: Lab Terrier and Border Collie.  Just saying.  Any thoughts on color?  They need an orange in the line up, so perhaps the Lab Terrier can be that.

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