Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Orignial Dish Drying Mat Review

This complimentary product from Influenster natural voxbox is of the non-edible variety (sad face).  It's a dish drying mat, which makes great sense, but not something I've ever tried before.  I guess it's like laying a towel down to dry dishes, only more absorbable.  The mat I received is off-white with a dimension of 16" x 18".  There is a larger option available (and other products) if you go to their website.  These are conveniently sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $4.99.  I even made myself do the dishes to see how well this works.

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I'm not a huge fan of doing dishes (as anyone who knows me will tell you), but there are times that my dish rack doesn't have enough space.  Especially since my 2 roomies and I have issues with putting away washed dishes.  I've also noticed how nasty the dish rack is getting since once again all three of us are lazy and I don't think we've cleaned it recently.  So I figured, why not try this mat out?  So as you can see below, the first thing I noticed is that it fits A LOT of things on it.  I mean I have 2 huge pots and a lid on there, and there's plenty more room to add other things.  I had no problems with water from the pots leaking out/off of the mat since it absorbed well.  Apparently it has a unique design with foam and special microfibers that leads to good absorption.  Later on when I felt inclined to put away the pots, the mat was only slightly damp.  I just hung it on a hook that's in the kitchen (look above) and let it air dry/kept my counter space available.  So far I have no issues with it smelling mildew-y or anything of that sort, but when it does the mat is machine washable (another task I rather not do), so no issues there.

Bottom Line: I personally don't like doing the dishes, but even I can see the benefit of this.  It's lightweight and portable.  You can stick it on a hook/put it in the cupboard when not in use to clear up counter space.  It's hygienic since you can stick it in the wash and best of all it's $5.  I don't know how much a dish rack costs, but I'm assuming it's about the same price and it's MUCH harder to clean that.

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