Thursday, October 11, 2012

MAKE UP FOR EVER Microfinish (HD) blush: Review & Swatches

MUFE HD blush in Quickie and Nip Slip

It seems that there are very few things that MAKE UP FOR EVER (MUFE) doesn't do right when it comes to cosmetics, and the Microfinish HD blush is no different.  These blushes are supposed to naturally sculpt and highlight your cheek structure with mattifying and reflective powders that create a natural, long-lasting flush.  It is a cream blush that dries down to a powder.  The full size blush retails for $26 at Sephora (the place I personally consider a magic land).  There are 14 colors in varying range of shades from light to dark, neutral to bright.

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 The HD blush is dispensed via a pump system, which I appreciate since it becomes more hygeinic than sticking dirty fingers in a pot. I'm good about washing my hands before I do my makeup, but this is still a cleaner method.  This blush is super concentrated, and truly a little goes a LONG way.  I made the mistake of pumping out too much product on the first go and I looked like a clown.  My suggestion is to dispense a small amount of product on the back of your hand, then spread on to your cheeks with fingers or brush.  I personally like the organic feel of using my fingers in terms of cream products, so I start closer to the apples of my cheek and blend out towards the hairline.  I add a little bit more as I need in order to control the amount of product use. For the darker skin beauties, you won't have to be as careful as I am. On most days I'd give a Hollywood vampire a run for her money in terms of my paleness.  The blush is long lasting, and gets me through an entire day without fading or disappearing.  If it's especially hot out, I'll put an extra layer of powder over my face to further extend the longetivity.  I also get a kick out of the names of the colors.  Note: on the actual bottle, they only notate a number for the color (#5 is Nip Slip and #6 is Quickie).  The only potential down side is the product to money spent ratio.  It has 0.33 oz of product, which doesn't seem like much.  You can see the comparison of the full size blush to a tube of lipstick.  I definitely was expecting a much larger bottle when I was first purchased it.  However, it is important to keep in mind that very little product is needed.


For the swatches below, Quickie (#6) is on the left and Nip Slip (#5) is on the right.  The amount of product squeezed out is more than enough to cover both cheeks for me (it would probably be too much).  I blended the color below to give an idea of the final effect.  Quickie is a salmon/coral color that leans toward the warm end.  Nip Slip is a neutral pink that would work on all skin tones.

Bottom Line: I really like these blushes.  They last and flatter my cheeks.  There's plenty of color choices as well.  Although a little pricey for the amount of product, it equals out with the fact that not much is needed in application.  The full size bottle will probably dry out before I ever finish it (note: I've had one for 2.5 years, and so far no hint of drying out).

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