Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick Fixes for Chipped Nail Polish

Does your nail polish look scary like this?  Do you have issues like I do with picking off your nail polish or just chipping them because you're not careful?  Well you're in luck since I have to deal with this rather frequently, which means I can pass on my tricks along to you.

You ask: "why should I care about fixing chipped nails when it's useless, ESPECIALLY when it looks like that?"  (And yes, my roomie told me that I should think about fixing my own nails before doing a tutorial on it....)  My answer is: "nothing is impossible mon ami".

Click on the link to learn all the secrets to chipped nails

So there are several options you can choose from.  I'll explain them here, but if it doesn't make sense, I also have a video you can watch below.  The most obvious answer to fixing a nail polish fiasco is to scrap it and start new.  However, this can often lead to unnecessary time spent fixing all your nails if only one or two is messed up.  Once you take off the polish, add a base coat, and then reapply nail polish, you wasted more time than you intended.  It's quicker just to mask the problem by taking one of the options below.

1.  If there is only mild tip wear and you don't have any qualms about making your nail shorter, just cut it. Simple, and literally a less than 10 second fix.

2.  Unfortunately not everything in life is that simple, so you need alternatives.  One is to just cover up your junky nails.

  • Get thick glitter to cover the chipped areas.  Couple good options are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink and Nicole by OPI in Snow-Man of My Dreams.
  • Add a second coat if necessary.
  • Cover everything with a top coat.

3.  If you're not into funky french nails, you can fix it the "right" way.

  • Dip a swab into your nail polish remover and gently work away the edges.  You want to get rid of the hard edge and create a gentle step off.  Think wheelchair ramp type nail polish edge, not stairs.
  • Take the same color nail polish you already have on and just cover the area that's bare.
  • Add another coat if necessary.
  • Cover the ENTIRE nail with the polish.
  • Add a top coat.

4.  You want something in between a cover up and the "right" way? Try this.

  • Use the same technique describe above to smooth the nail polish edge.
  • Apply one coat of the same nail polish over the bare area.
  • Go over the entire nail with a effect top coat.  Good examples are Essie Luxeffects in As Gold As It Gets and any crackle nail polish.
  • Add a top coat.

Now you have beautiful nails to be proud of. Go conquer the world.

Index: option 4, Middle: option 3, Ring: option 2, Pinkie: if I had longer nails I would cut it

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