Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GeoDeo Natural Deodorant

The last, but not least of the items I received complementary from Influenster natural voxbox is Geodeo, a natural deodorant.  You can get more info from their website, but you have to buy it elsewhere (like drugstore.com) for $5.99.  It contains 2.3 oz of product, making it safe to take through airport security without TSA snatching it up and accusing of trying to sabotage the plane.  It is meant to be an invisible solid with 24 hour protection that is moisturizing.  It's also supposed to have a detox complex to get rid of the effect of long term, synthetic deodorant use.  There are two other fragrance options besides the one shown here.

To read my thoughts about Geodeo, click the link.

My main bugaboo with Geodeo is that it doesn't last 24 hours as it claims, and I literally just figured out why.  It's because Geodeo is a deordorant, not an antiperspirant. Go figure.  Yes it literally took a month to figure that tid bit out.  I'm a perfuse sweater much to my chagrin, and I found myself sweating a lot more from my pits during work outs.  If I was walking around, it was not a huge issue and Geodeo acted as though it was an antiperspirant (not just plain deodorant).  The smell is very nice- a mix of fruity/floral goodness.  However, without the antiperspirant, you will start to smell after half a day (if you're like me).  This little issue of smelling can be combated if you put on antiperspirant first and use Geodeo as a "freshner" of sorts.  What I ended up doing was put my regular antiperspirant when I got out of the shower and then used Geodeo the next day.  FYI, on occasion, I also found that it felt "sticky".  As in when I was swinging my arms while treadmilling, I would feel a tug as skin rubbed on skin.

I really don't know how moisturizing or detoxing the actual deodorant is, nor do I know how that would actually be tested (my armpits don't feel dry), but it is truly an invisible solid.  I was really impressed with that.  As you can see in the picture below, there's only a sheen of where the deodorant was placed.  It's very rare in my opinion when a solid that claims to be invisible actually is.  It's nice to know that I can put my shirt on AFTER deodorant without worry of getting those horrid white stripes that you never notice until you're presenting in front of the entire class or some other embarassing situation.

Bottom Line:  If you were blessed with non-sweaty genes like my mother who wears deodorant because she feels she should, not because she actually sweats much, this will be more than enough.  You'll smell nice and detox your armpits (apparently) without any visible residue.  If you become Niagra Falls when you work out like me, than I'd stick to an antiperspirant.  I still don't mind putting Geodeo on top for an added layer of freshness.  Is it weird that I actually like the product?

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