Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Sweet Tart-tan: Review & Swatches

My first go round with nail decals was rather tragic, so I was wary trying out a different brand. When the Sally Hansen Salon Effects came in my Target Subscription box (review to come), I sucked it up so to speak. Was my experience with Sweet Tart-tan better?

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Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream: Review & Swatches

Since I'm on a BB Cream kick, figure might as well bring up another one. The Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream in Fair to Light. There are 2 color ranges offered (I believe the other is Light to Medium, but don't quote me on that). I was excited to see these when it hit the shelves because I generally love Aveeno products.  Especially a BB cream that has my minimum requirement of SPF 30? Hell ya, bring it on!

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L'Oreal Voluminous Power Volume 24H Mascara in Blackest Black: Review & Swatches

Today's product is the L'Oreal Voluminous Power Volume 24H Mascara in the color Blackest Black. This happens to be a waterproof formula as well for those of you who are curious. This might be one of those "YouTube made me" type products, since it had a lot of buzz (or maybe the general line of products had a lot of buzz?). I didn't intend to get the waterproof version since as a general rule, I prefer not to get waterproof mascara (and why it's important to read the label!!!).

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream: Review & Swatch

This is the first product within the new-ish Olay Fresh Effects line that I have tried (thanks to Influenster sending me this to review for free). It's always intrigued me though, and let's just say packaging helps with catching the eye. Today I have specifically the BB Cream Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer to review. This retails for $12.99 at your local drug store of choice, with two available shades of Fair to Light (which I have to review today), and Light to Medium. I'm personally a huge fan of BB creams, and have been since my Mom sent me some from Korea many, many years ago.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Skincare Sunday: Benefit Cosmetics Radiant Skin Care Line Review

The third "series" that I'm looking to do on a regular basis is Skincare Sunday. I realize that I cover skincare items outside of Sunday, but I want to gear Skincare Sunday towards skincare lines (like I am today) and DIY projects. Something to keep it a little more unique from the other posts.  Also if I'm good enough to do multiple posts on Sunday, it may not all be related to skin care (and most likely won't). With that intro, today I have the Benefit Cosmetics Radiant Skin Care Line to review for you. Luckily I got most of the items in the skincare line offered as part of a kit from Ulta for $24. Not a bad price if you ask me since there was enough product in the kit to last me for 2-3 weeks.

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Revlon Photo Ready Blush in Flushed: Review & Swatch

Summer usually means easier applying products that doesn't weigh the skin down (at least it does for me since I don't do hot weather well). In comes cream products, and what better cream product than blush? The Revlon Photo Ready Blush in Flushed is a pretty choice.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Essie Borrowed & Blue Nail Polish: Review & Swatch

This particular shade of Essie nail polish came out probably 3 years ago, but it's still a classic, and easily found in the stores. Borrowed & Blue was part of one of the Wedding Collection that comes out yearly. The name perfectly fits the wedding theme, and the polish itself is a lovely light blue cream. This retails around $8 as most Essie polishes do.

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Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer Review

Last in the trio of products I got together in the set of the Yes to Cucumber package is the Daily Calming Moisturizer. You can read all about the eye gel and towlette in my prior posts. This, like the other products in this line smells like cucumbers. This might be the strongest (and most synthetic) cucumber scented of the three, but I don't mind it since the smell disappears quickly. The moisturizer itself is a nice creamy texture that absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a tacky feeling behind. It does feel slightly soothing and calming, most likely because of the thicker texture. It works well under makeup, and helps to get rid of some of my drier patches. Overall, a nice daily moisturizer if that's what you're looking for. If you want something that's a multi-tasker with added things in it, look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: It's a nice moisturizer, especially if you have dry or irritated skin and want to add suppleness to your skin without causing it to be greasy. If you want a jam packed product with lots of extras, look elsewhere.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fitness Friday: Aps to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

As a continuation of the scheduled topic "series" (first one was Tech Tuesday), I have Fitness Friday. The first post is related to the first Tech Tuesday post covering the Fitbit One. Many of us are constantly trying to get into shape, loose weight, become healthier, etc. Whatever your health goals are, you can always use all the help you can get.  This is where free apps come in handy.  There's literally hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of apps, so which ones are actually useful? Much of that is based on personal preference, but here are the ones I personally have found useful in trying to achieve my health goals (all pics: google images).

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics: Review

Third item that I received from Influenster Sunkissed Voxbox (for free) is the Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics. Now the concept of these ribbon elastics has been around over the last year-ish or so, and I have tried some other brands. Nonetheless, I like the concept of these ribbon elastics since it's a cuter option to your average elastics. Probably the best part of these is the ease in accessibility (in drug stores), at a reasonable price ($3.99-$4.99).  Also Goody is actually a brand I use for my everyday elastics, so I have a good history with them.

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Dr.Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles: Review

One of the other items found in my Influenster Sunkissed Voxbox (to review for free) is the Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles. I was stoked to find these since what better time than summer to show off your legs in heels? Now I must say this isn't my first foray into Dr. Scholl's Insoles, but my first specifically for heels (Dr. Scholl's or other brand). I have a love hate relationship with heels. I like looking at them, hate wearing them. So do these do the job? (P.S. these retail around $10.99).

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SinfulShine with Gel Tech in Sailor's Delight: Review & Swatches

The newest member of the SunfulColors family is their SinfulShine with Gel Tech nail polish that claims to be five times shinier than patent leather shoes. Thus far, it seems to be exclusive to Walgreens, but hopefully that will change in the new future. There are currently 32 shades in the range, and retails for $2.99. I have the color Sailor's Delight for your enjoyment today. (Note: this product was sent to me for free to review by Influesnter, but my opinion is all mine.)

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yes to Cucumbers Smoothing Eye Gel Review

As a general rule, I totally lucked out in the lack of puffy eye bag category.  However, that doesn't mean that I never get them. Lack of sleep brings on bags, and what better day to a review post of the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel then on a day I've gotten only 4.5 hours of sleep? The Yes to Cucumbers product line is the "soothing" line within the company's range of products. You can see my review on the facial towelettes here.

This cooling gel contains calming cucumber, green tea, and chamomile extracts to help reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles. It's definitely a clear gel in consistency, and does have a cooling/soothing effect that helps reduce puffiness. I don't particularly like using eye gels under makeup, but this one seems to play well with other products.  Just make sure you only apply a thin layer, and it'll absorb into the skin (too much and it sits on top without much absorption).  I didn't notice any dark circle brightening effects though.  Still looks like I have two shiners from a bar fight. Thank goodness for concealer.

Bottom Line: For those of you that need to de-puff and/or enjoy a cooling sensation for your tired eyes, this is a nice product. For me personally, I have more issues with dark eye circles so if this wasn't included in a kit, I would not have pursued this on my own accord.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous in Kiss Me Coral: Review & Swatches

I've always really like the Revlon Super Lustrous line of glosses (and I guess it's too late to review the old ones now that all but one color is discontinued). So today I bring you one from the new revamped line in the color Kiss Me Coral. I figured I'll start off with one color to make sure it's the same great formula as the original.

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Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Tropical Fusion: Review & Swatches

Although I mentioned this palette during the spring months, color wise, the Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Tropical Fusion may be more appropriate for the hot summer months. The warmer the weather outside, the brighter everything gets.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel Review

I don't usually talk about cleansers, but I thought it would be a nice change of pace since I actually finished this product. This is a sulfate-free cleanser and makeup remover. Although I got this as part of my Birchbox, you can get this here.

This cleansing gel claims to be made from amino acids that deep cleans the skin while protecting its natural moisture. I found it to be a mild cleanser that didn't leave me bone dry (a good thing), while doing a fairly decent job of removing makeup (although not all the way). I had no problems with irritation to my skin, so that's a big bonus as well.  The only downside is that it has a rather strong herbally smell. Luckily it doesn't linger for too long afterwards.

Bottom Line: It's a nice gentle cleanser (as long as you don't mind the smell), but it doesn't remove all makeup (even though it claims to be a makeup remover as well). I personally will not be buying a full-sized item since it doesn't fully meet my needs.

Monday, July 8, 2013

CND Sticky Anchoring Base Coat Review

As I continue my search for the perfect base coat, I've decided to try out the CND Sticky Anchoring Base Coat. If this is the "Sticky Base" that I often hear reference to, then it's supposed to be good and worth a try. I got mine at Ulta, but I believe Sally's sells CND products as well.

This is touted as a soft, sticky base coat that anchors nail polish so it won't chip or peel. It does live up to these claims. I do feel like my polish lasts a little longer, and doesn't chipped as quickly as my polishes usually do. It's a thinner formula that applies easily and evenly, leaving a very slight (nearly colorless) green tint. This tint doesn't affect the polish color on top. The only downside to this base coat is that it doesn't protect the nails as well as other base coats. I find that some of the darker polishes (like dark greens) have stained my nails.

Bottom Line: If you have issues with chipping nail polish, this is the way to go. Just be careful with staining polishes. If you don't tend to wear darker polishes, this won't be a problem. I like this for most of my polishes, but I'm still on the look out for stain-protecting base as well.

Maybelline The Colossal Cat Eyes Volum' Express Mascara in Glam Black: Review & Swatches

Next to blush, I think the makeup item that gets me into trouble (as in sucks me in to buy it when I don't need it) is mascara. It doesn't even have to be the newest and greatest on the market, it just needs to be new to me and I'm hooked.  Now buying the Maybelline The Colassal Cat Eyes Volum' Express Mascara was out of necessity (I was on a trip and didn't pack one), and I've never tried it so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

This mascara is a collagen formula that has a "claw" bristle brush that plumps and spikes out lashes at the corners. All this is to mimic cat eyes without clumping. I found this to be a dryer formula that would leave an occasional fiber flake behind.  It did a beautiful job emphasizing my almond-shaped eyes by really flaring out my lashes and giving volume. The issue I had is that since it's already a dry formula to start with, it became too dry and unusable quickly.

Note: I thought I took a pic of this on my lashes, but I guess I didn't. My B.

Bottom Line: The shelf life once you start using the mascara isn't worth it for me personally. If you don't mind not being able to use this for a longer time frame, you should look into it since the effect is cat-i-licious!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Milani Eyeshadow Primer in Nude: Review & Swatches

I don't know about you guys, but I'm personally excited that finally drug store brands are finally creating eyeshadow primers that work, and today we have the Milani Eyeshadow Primer. Of course this particular gem has been out for a few months at this point in time, but I still like giving my two cents, especially since my super greasy lids require a primer.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara: Preview, Review, & Swatches

The Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara is a product I got from Influenster to try out and review. As stated in prior posts, just because I got it for free does NOT mean that I won't give my honest opinion. This mascara should be coming out in stores near you this month, and some of you may have even seen it already.  This mascara is another fiber mascara with a special "Grow Lash Complex" that helps your eyelashes lengthen with continued use.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SquareHue June Box: Review & Swatches

Why is this post late? Well refer here to get the answer to that question. June's SquareHue box theme is SoBe (abbreviation for South Beach).  I think city name abbreviations are silly, like WeHo for West Hollywood.  That said, June's box colors are hands down the best collection thus far.

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June Ipsy Glam Bag: Contents & Mini Review

So another month goes by, in which I didn't get this post out earlier in the month. My bad. That said, I haven't had internet access at my place for the last week (ya I know it's not a legitimate excuse if I finished the post earlier).  I still have no internet at home, but I have time to kill at Starbucks before I need to be in for the day.  Now that I got all the housekeeping items out of the way, I figure I should get to the task on hand. June's Ipsy Glam Bag theme is On the Wild Side. This is the first bag I TRULY dig. I liked the color of the May bag, but I like both the color and style of this one. The lime green zipper accent is fabulous, especially the way it's on the side (vs. the top). The material is sturdier as well, which is an added bonus.

To see what's inside the bag and some mini reviews, click the link below.