Saturday, October 6, 2012

LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer Review

This is the third (in no particular order) of the items I received complimentary through Influenster Natural voxbox.  You can find the basics on the LypSyl website.  It's once again a natural product.  This product is  made from Swedish beeswax (how that differs from any other beeswax is a mystery to me), shea butter, and some vitamins.  According to the promo, LypSyl is meant to give long-lasting protection while penetrating the moisture deep within the lips.  The cost is about $3 (there is a price range based on where it is purchased).  I was excited about using this product because I'm a little bit of a lip product (especially balm) junkie.

Does it really moisturize? Click the link to find out.

The product itself has mostly good, but some bad that comes with it.  It contains 0.1 oz of balm, has a cute and functional bee tab on the side for easy one-handed advancement, and a large oval application area.  There is a nice minty tingle (not burning) that lasts for about 8-10 minutes. I actually tried timing this, but I would always loose track sometime after the 6 minute mark. The product glides on smoothly with out any tugging, and I do find it rather moisturizing.  It hasn't been cold enough here to see if the beeswax hardens in extreme temperature (I've had problems in the past with beeswax balm turning into a brick).  It is a rather large as you can see below in the comparison picture with a lipstick.  This fact is neither good nor bad, just thought it's worth mentioning.  The only downside is that on me the long-lasting claim is false. It lasted about 2-3 hours, which for me is on par with other balms.  I subconsciously lick my lips a lot and tend to obliterate any sort of gloss rather quickly.  Also it comes off easily when drinking liquids or eating food. Once again this happens with all balms in my experience, and not unique to LypSyl.

Bottom Line: Despite it not being a "long-lasting" balm on me, I like LypSyl a lot.  It's comfortable to wear, it's minty, and moisturizing.  Also I think it's better to put natural products on the skin than a bunch of chemicals.  I look forward to trying it again once I run out.  There's a honeyberry flavor with SPF that I have my eyes on.

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