Friday, October 5, 2012

Beauty Fixation Nail Polish Touch-Up Review

I love using products that are fool proof and a "one-stop-shop" kind of concept.  So when I got the Beauty Fixation Nail Polish Touch-up in one of my Birchbox subscription boxes (can't remember which month) I was stoked.  This was definitely THE item that I wanted to try out.

Beauty Fixation has multiple on-the-go cosmetic and touch-up products.  You can't purchase the item from their website directly, but the product is available on Birchbox, Boots, and BeautyBar.  This product is in a case that is about the size of a deck of cards (little shorter in length and not as wide), and contains 24 swabs which comes out to the grand total of $5 before taxes.

To read more on how it works, click on the link below.

When you open up the container, you have two rows of swabs filled with non-acetone nail polish remover.

The remover is contained in the hollowed-out "stick" portion of the swab.  The product itself is simple to use and convenient.  All you do is bend the swab with the purple line (make sure that side is facing up), which in turn opens the contraption and lets the liquid flow down into the none-marked swab.  Now it's ready to use.

Up to this point the product is great.  I had no complaints and I was excited to try it out.  Then the other shoe dropped.  The remover is HORRIBLE.  It smells funky (but no worse than acetone, just different), once you bend the purple-lined end it pops off so you can't use it, and worst of all the nail polish remover does not work well.  I appreciate that Beauty Fixation went the non-acetone route, but if it requires more effort to use this remover, than I'll be better off sticking my own swab in my acetone remover.  How bad is the remover? It's bad enough that I can't even fix the mess ups on one hand with a single swab.  Granted I have horrible nail painting skills, but one swab SHOULD be enough.  It also leaves a weird greasy residue behind that I need to immediately wash my hands to get it off.  For portability purposes, greasy residue would be an issue.

Bottom Line: I was totally let down by this product.  Concept is an A+, but execution would be closer to a D.  Great price point, but the inability to effectively remove mess ups and the greasy residue left behind makes it impractical.  I'll finish up the container I have, but I won't buy this on my own.

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