Monday, October 8, 2012

Salsa Lessons with Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color, Review & Swatches

Recently CVS had a "buy one, get one free" sale and I just couldn't stop myself.  I already have a problem trolling the cosmetic aisle of ANY store that sells cosmetics whether or not I need them, but when I saw the sale, my eyes bugged out.  Wet n Wild products are already dirt cheap, but when you can get 2 items for less than $3, the bargaining Asian comes out in me full force.  So one of the items I picked up was the Mega Shield Lip Color in Salsa Lessons.  Orange is my favorite color, so I'm totally stoked that it's one of the Pantone colors of this year.  Anyway, back to the product at hand.  

To read more about my thoughts and see swatches, click the link.

This is supposed to be a glossier, moisturizing formula with SPF 15 (to protect against UVB, the cancer causing kind), and a bunch of vitamins/oils like rice bran and avocado.  Don't ask me what rice bran oil does since I've never heard of it.  The packaging is rather sturdy for a cheap product, and I do like that the tip is slightly pointed for easier application.  Cons of the packaging is that the products doesn't go all the way down (what you see in the package is the limit), so if you're in a hurry like me you'll ding the lip color.  Other thing that bugs me is that the label/package leaves a really sticky residue once you take it off.  Granted something like Goo-Off will fix that, but I don't have any and I'm not about to go to the store and waste money on it.  I rather use that money on something better, like coffee and donuts.  
The color itself is a darker orange (leaning towards red) with some sparkling bits that aren't noticeable unless you stare at it closely.  It is slightly cool toned, but due to the sheerness a variety of skin tones can pull it off.  In terms of the claim of it being moisturizing, I didn't particularly find that to be the case.  It was comfortable enough to wear for the first couple of hours, but after that I felt like I needed a lip balm.   If I wasn't testing for longitivity, I would reapply at this point.  However, I'm trying to do an accurate scientific experiment so I stuck it out.  I was surprised to find that it lasted about 4 hours on me.  I expected a shorter wear time since it's a light-weight, glossier formula. It lasted through drinking water/coffee and only after I ate food was reapplication (for color) necessary. 

Here's a swatch on my lips so you can see the color in live action.  There's no lip liner or anything else besides the Mega Shield.  As I said it's sheer enough that even the most timid of you should not be overwhelmed by the color.  Besides, if you've been hesitant to try a bright color, why not do it with a product that doesn't break your bank?  (Please ignore the rampant fuzz, apparently I was a peach in another life).

For those of you who have Mega Last Lip Color in Purty Persimmon and want to know how it compares with Salsa Lessons, just look below.  As you can see Salsa Lessons (on the left) is sheerer and slightly more cool toned, while Purty Persimmon (on the right) is definitely opaque and leans toward the warmer/yellow end of orange.  It's not necessary to have both, but I don't care.  They were both on sale.

Left: Salsa Lessons, Right: Purty Persimmon

Bottom Line: I like Salsa Lessons. The color is fun and I like how glossy it is.  I can get over the fact that it's not moisturizing the whole time since I can just swipe another layer on top.  Also there's a bunch of different colors you can choose from (although none other really caught my eye).  In any case, for the price it's worth it.

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