Monday, October 8, 2012

New Sweetner on the Block - Nectresse, a Review

Maybe this sweetner isn't actually a new kid on the block (I haven't heard about it until recently), but I received it complementary form Influenster natural voxbox.  For all the ins and outs, go to their website. Nectresse's main spiel is that it's completely natural (made from monk fruit), zero calories, and tastes like sugar.  It's made by Splenda, so it essentially runs along the same line along with every other sweetner on the market.  Price ranges from $3.99 (40 servings) and $6.99 (140 servings).

To see if I liked it or not, click the link

I've tried my fair share of sweetners, but when it comes right down to it, I prefer sugar.  I like brown sugar because it has a deeper molasses-y taste and if I didn't have to worry about my health, I would bathe everything in brown sugar.  Well maybe, not everything.  All sweetners have that certain after-taste (which doesn't stop me from my diet Coke), and how much depends on what kind you choose.  Nectresse is sweet, and closer to sugar in taste than many other sweetners I've tried.  I used it to sweeten up the elixir of life (coffee for all you lay-people).  The issue I have with it is the after-taste.  There is a very distinct (albeit slight) bitterness that makes me batty.  Of course I must mention that I have a rather low tolerance for smells and tastes.  My roomie is convinced I have werewolf smelling abilities (which in turn affects taste, a little science 101 for you).

Bottom Line: I don't like the bitter after-taste.  I like bitter in appropriate things (like arugula), but not as part of a sweet/coffee experience.  However, if you're not as sensitive like I am, you might enjoy it since it is truly sweet and doesn't taste artificial (probably because it's a natural product).

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