Friday, October 5, 2012

CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes Review

The CleanWell Sanitizer Wipes is one of the products that I received complimentary through Influenster Natural voxbox.  As you can see on the package (and based on the name) it's a natural hand wipe that sanitizes without alcohol and can be used on the face and hands.  For more info and to buy these, go to their website.  You can find other sanitizing products such as soaps of different scent varieties.

The basics: wipes are 5" x 7", so plenty big to easily clean both hands or your face.  Individual packs retail for $29.99 for 50 pouches.  In my opinion that's a little steep in price, but there is a better alternative (Hand Sanitizer Pack) that costs $19.99 and includes 5 different items (2 packs of 10 wipes, 2 sprays and 1 from).

To find out how these perform, click the link below

Do these things actually work?  I used my wipe in probably a very unusual circumstance.  I happen to be changing my toner in my ancient printer, and the old one decided to explode it's dregs onto my hands and part of the printer.  My room door also just happened to be closed and I was desperate to clean my hands without making a bigger mess.  Low and behold there was my wipe just waiting to be used.  It did a WONDERFUL job of getting all traces of ink off my hands AND printer.  It had a nice fresh scent and it left my hands soft without any greasy film left behind.  I was a little bummed after I used it that I didn't have another one to actually have it in my purse or backpack for sanitizing purposes.  In any case it was definitely the best wipe I've used for cleaning (sanitizing) my hands.

Bottom Line:  It smelled nice, made my hands soft, and got all the ink off.  Can't really say whether or not it actually sanitizes, but my hands felt clean.  It doesn't have any alcohol either, which is huge bonus in cold months.  The price for the individual pouches is a little too high for me, but the pack of products would be worth the price in my opinion.

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