Friday, March 8, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Nail Sticker in Divine Crocodile Review

I realize that nail sticker/decal/thinger-ma-gigers have been around for some time, but I have been slow in joining in on the fun.  My main drawback was that I couldn't justify spending around $8 for one time use products no matter how cool they look.  That said, since these were on sale $2, I just had to try them out. These nail stickers apply much in the same way as other similar products.  You peel the sticker off, fold the excess over the nail edge, and file the left over off.  There are plenty of sticker sizes to choose from to fit your nails properly.

For my review and nail swatches, click the link.
The instructions were simple enough to follow, but I must say that I had a hard time executing them.  The nail file that was included in the package was worthless.  I was filing away at the edges and the excess wouldn't separate from the rest. I ended up having to cut the excess off.  Now this might very well have been more difficult because I keep my nails short and trying to file the nail when it doesn't extend past the finger is a little difficult. On the bright side, despite never using nail stickers before, they were easy to lay down and I didn't have any issues with crinkling.  However, that was about the only good part of it.  Even with a top coat (which probably did nothing), my stickers peeled off at the edges and got caught on clothing, hair, etc.  I had to peel these off the next day because it drove me batty.


Divine Crocodile is a metallic green crocodile print of varying size "scales".

 Shade Pic

Sunlight Pic

Bottom Line: On first go, this is a definite pass for me.  The stickers didn't stay on very well and the included nail file didn't do what it was claiming it would do.  Of course this is most likely due to user error, so I will have to reserve my true "official" thoughts on this until I've used these again.


  1. These suck I have them on now and I have replaced one already and the pony just fell of I also just put them on last night don't by these they are a waste of money the Sally hansion ones worked really well at first I had to sock them in nail polish remover to get them off then they made a new and improved version with sucks dont buy nail stickers they don't work and are costly

    1. thanks for your opinion! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with issues using these. I still haven't tried these again. I'm a little hesitant.

    2. I have tried other brands of nail stickers and these are the worst (I picked a different design-pink snake skin looking one)! I had the same problems with them catching on clothing, hair, peeling up on ends etc the very next day! Won't purchase again!