Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SquareHue June Box: Review & Swatches

Why is this post late? Well refer here to get the answer to that question. June's SquareHue box theme is SoBe (abbreviation for South Beach).  I think city name abbreviations are silly, like WeHo for West Hollywood.  That said, June's box colors are hands down the best collection thus far.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Lincoln Road is a lovely light grey cream color that applies like a dream. No streaks or patchiness here. It's even mostly opaque in one coat. Of course this is a dupeable color, but still a lovely addition to any collection.

Ocean Drive is a light sea foam green cream polish. This one isn't as smooth applying as Lincoln Road, but still easy to work with. I doubt the water in South Beach is quite this color, but great product. It makes me want to lounge beach-side.

Collins Avenue is a lovely orange with a pink hint (not appreciated in the photo since it just looks bright orange-I promise there is a pink lean to the color!) and silver shimmer throughout. LURVE this color. I'm pretty much sold with orange, but this is a unique color in my personal collection (although not a color that unique within the nail polish world).


The camera doesn't do justice to some of these polishes, but trust me they're are all fabulous. Ignore my nail polish applying mistakes. I was in a hurry ;)

Sunlight Pic (L to R): Ocean Drive, Collins Ave, Lincoln Road
Flash Pic (L to R): Ocean Drive, Collins Ave, Lincoln Road
Shade Pic (L to R): Ocean Drive, Collins Ave, Lincoln Road
Bottom Line: This box is still great and very much worth the price of admission (aka subscription price).  I look forward to where this box takes me on my nail polish journey.

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