Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Sweet Tart-tan: Review & Swatches

My first go round with nail decals was rather tragic, so I was wary trying out a different brand. When the Sally Hansen Salon Effects came in my Target Subscription box (review to come), I sucked it up so to speak. Was my experience with Sweet Tart-tan better?

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link. 
First off, I tartan print of this is totally adorable (even though I didn't pick it out). Application is much the same way as my prior experience. Application was much easier though. It's a nail decal of various sizes to match your nail width. Stick it onto clean nails, then use the nail file take the excess off.

What made the Sally Hansen better? The actual decal was thinner and less plastic-y allowing it to lay on the nails and almost "absorb" vs. literally a sticker that lays on top. The nail file was of better quality as well. However, despite the Salon Effects prooving to be a usable decal. I still wasn't 100% pleased with it. User error still has a lot to do with it. It lasted well on the nails once set. Only minor chipping of the nail edges over 4-5 days. I did get quite a few compliments while wearing this though!


Excuse the state of my nail edges. Some of the raggedy-ness is because I still suck at applying these, the other part is because I had it on my nails for a bit prior to picture taking. The odd textural issues on the nail are from the decal itself and the way it looks (even off the nail).

Flash Pic

Shade Pic
Bottom Line: Although the Salon Effects are better than my previous experience, I'm not sold on nail decals. The wear and "ease" of application were good with these, and with practice I might become proficient. I just don't feel the need.

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