Sunday, July 28, 2013

Revlon Photo Ready Blush in Flushed: Review & Swatch

Summer usually means easier applying products that doesn't weigh the skin down (at least it does for me since I don't do hot weather well). In comes cream products, and what better cream product than blush? The Revlon Photo Ready Blush in Flushed is a pretty choice.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Flushed is a bright blue-based pink that applies brightly on the cheeks that can be sheered out. It seems super bright, but can be sheered to make it a nice "flushed" color. Almost a slightly sunburned/too much sun look (but in a good way). It applies nicely without any greasy residue. It also stays put for several hours (enough to last the work day) without feeling heavy. The cream also doesn't sink into pores, which is another added benefit.


Thick swatch on the left, and blended out swatch on the right. This shows that the blush can be built up in color for darker skin tones.

Bottom Line: This is a perfect flush for summer without wearing down your skin. Keep it nice and fresh and light. If you're not a fan of a pink (almost sunburned flush), then you can try their other 2 color options.

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