Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SinfulShine with Gel Tech in Sailor's Delight: Review & Swatches

The newest member of the SunfulColors family is their SinfulShine with Gel Tech nail polish that claims to be five times shinier than patent leather shoes. Thus far, it seems to be exclusive to Walgreens, but hopefully that will change in the new future. There are currently 32 shades in the range, and retails for $2.99. I have the color Sailor's Delight for your enjoyment today. (Note: this product was sent to me for free to review by Influesnter, but my opinion is all mine.)

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Sailor's Delight is your run of the mill cream baby pink that seems to be part of every nail polish launch. I was interested to try out the new formula, but wasn't too excited about the color. So with that thought in mind, I gave the polish a go.  I must say I quickly changed my thoughts. Yes it's a pastel cream, which by nature is a pain to use, but it's actually a lot better than many creams (including high end).  You still should use three coats to get full opacity, but two thick coats mostly does the trick. It applied very smoothly, only minor bald patches, and true to advertising it was shiny.  I don't quite know how to qualify the 5 times the shininess claim, but even without top coat, there was a nice shine that lasted. Lasting time was slightly above average on me (4-5 days).


The swatches below are two coats with top coat. If you look carefully, there are some bald patches (as is the nature of pastel creams). Otherwise, a very solid version of a pastel pink cream with lots of shine.

Shade Pic

Flash Pic

Bottom Line: This was a surprisingly nice little gem. It does live up to the claim of being extra shiny, and the polish itself was a pleasure to apply (especially for a pastel cream color). Also the $2.99 price tag really can't be beat. I'm looking forward to trolling the shelves for some of the other colors available.

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