Friday, November 22, 2013

Fitness Friday: Whole 30 Week 3 Update

This is my third week update of the Whole30 regimen presented to you for Fitness Friday. You can check out the progress by reading about week 1 and week 2. As a quick recap, this is a modified "paleo" diet. When it comes down to it, I can eat meat/fish, veggies, and fruit (sparingly). I haven't tried to kill myself or anyone, so it's a good start. (pic: Google images/whole9life)

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My roomie that "cheats a little each day" is still with the program, and continually stays on that same track. At least I'm not alone in this endeavor. It's overall still a manageable lifestyle change, which I plan to incorporate into my future plans. As I initially stated, this will last until Thanksgiving when I plan to enjoy my pumpkin pie. However, even after that, there are certain changes I've made that I would like to stick to.

The two low points of this past week were again Sunday (day 16) and a birthday celebration. I'm going to assume it has to be the physical burden of the week that makes me so tired on the last two Sundays since I've started this. Also that's the only day that I don't do some sort of physical activity that requires me to leave the house before noon. Perhaps my lazying about leads to sheer exhaustion? The other difficult point was celebrating my roomie's birthday (the one that fell off the wagon), and not being able to eat her ice cream cake. It was a sad affair. At least I stuck to my "ok" foods, and during the celebration dinner, it wasn't too horrible. The downside is that I had a "nightmare" in which I was stuffing my face with some leftover chocolate cake, only to realize that I can't have sugar, and spitting it back out. Then the guilt hit. And this was all in my dreams. Even my subconscious is on high alert.

Key thoughts of the week:

  • Coffee is finally less terrible without sugar, but still terrible. At least I don't have to chug it down in hopes I don't taste it. Now it's more along the lines of quickly drinking.
  • Sugar is in everything, literally. It's truly amazing.
  • I'm really enjoying having a protein rich breakfast. This is one of the changes that I plan to keep.
  • I like meat/fish, but I'm really starting to get tired of it. This might be better with access to a wider variety of cooking materials/methods that I currently can't buy/don't own (I'm a broke student).
  • I hope pumpkin pie really is as good as a I remember, and have made it out to be in my mind.

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