Friday, November 15, 2013

Fitness Friday: Whole30 Week 2 Update

For today's Fitness Friday I have my week 2 update of my Whole30 paleo inspired diet. You can refer to my original post on the specifics of the diet, and my thoughts after week 1. Now that I have another week under my belt, I have a better understanding of the plan. (Pic: Google Images)

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As a whole, week 2 has been much easier than week 1. The only low point was on day 9 when I was EXHAUSTED. I mean I was feeling tired the first week, but I essentially crashed and burned. I needed a nap more than anything, and I was apathetic. Once again I can't really distinguish between the diet being the cause, or my workouts. The rest of the week I haven't had any bouts of fatigue. Just my normal wear and tear of the week. The good news is that I didn't fall asleep in my review class as I did a week prior, so I'm progressing in the right direction. I'm getting more of an appetite then what I had at the end of week 1, but I luckily don't go through hanger pains either. I think it's a "healthy" appetite as meals approach.

For those of you following along from the beginning of this adventure, one of my roomies did drop out of the race (so to speak). She lasted through day 9 in the morning, and ate cereal for dinner. I asked her reasoning and she states it's because she couldn't stomach the food. She's not much of an egg, meat, nut, or varied vegetable eater. Essentially she didn't have many food options of things she could digest without gagging. She claims she needs soy sauce or cheese to cover the taste of items she doesn't like. I like most foods, so that's not an issue with me thankfully. The other roomie is cheating horribly by using fake sugar derivatives (Sweet n Low), and going to a wine tasting tomorrow. At least she's being honest about it, and told me she's going to cheat. At least I get my sweet fix from fruit, but then again I probably eat more than recommended by Whole30.

Part of the claims that Whole30 makes is that by eliminating a bunch of bad things from your diet, you reset your metabolism, and other amazing and wonderful things. It's supposed to help you sleep better, work out better, have less inflammation and bloating, the whole nine yards. They also do say that the first 30 days are just the start, but a good start. That said at day 14, I don't expect miracles. Nor do I completely believe all the claims either. I do like the idea of resetting, and trying to reduce my desire for sugar. Do I still want a brownie? Of course. At least I'm no longer smelling brownies in the gym while doing cross fit (clearly I was delusional). Has my inflammation gone done? Not at all. My knees are still killing me and I still have shin splints. But perhaps they were referring to GI inflammation. And of course I haven't been nice to my joint either. Am I less bloated? Probably. But then again I know bean products make me blow up, so not eating them would decrease bloat.

Final thoughts after week 2?

  • Coffee without sugar still tastes like crap.
  • As much as I like cereal, I'm finding a protein rich breakfast to be infinitely more filling and rather tasty (go figure).
  • Cooking in bulk makes meal options easier, even when I'm tired.
  • It helps to eat smaller snacks in between meals. You can do this without exceeding whatever calorie limits you have. 
  • I generally feel good. No miracles yet, but I'm doing better than just surviving.

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