Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Covet Liner Set: Review & Swatches

Now that Halloween has come and gone, and it's full fledged Holiday extravaganza time, I figured it would be a good time to introduce some items that might be a nice gift for a special someone (or yourself-no judgement here). One of these nice items is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Covet Set. You get 7 of the Covet Waterproof Liners in the set for $28, which is rather reasonable price for such an expensive brand.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

The Covet Waterproof Liners are retractable pencil liners. Initially they have a nice blunted-pointed tip, but that flattens out immediately once you start using it. I would call this water-resistant. If you've read my recent posts, you'll know that I don't believe in waterproof hypes. Also not all the shades in this range would be something you want to test out the waterproof claim due to sparkles. The matte shades does last a decent period (4-5 hours) on the waterline, which is a lot more than can be said of most liners. The claim is that it lasts for 14 hours, which I haven't tested. All I know is that it stays put for the length I need it, and I don't have any issues with fading on my upper lashes. The length of the pencils in this set is a mini, but apparently the product amount is equal to that of the full-sized version. These minis don't contain a sharpener, so that might account for the length difference.

The included colors are:
  • Gilded: Antiqued gold leaning towards copper with shimmer
  • Lavish: Mauve/light purple with silver glitter
  • Noir: Matte black
  • Midnight: Matte black with silver glitter (not as dark/opaque in color as Noir)
  • Azure: Matte navy blue
  • Steel: Matte charcoal grey
  • Absynthe: forest green with a hint of olive undertones and silver glitter (this is the only pencil that had opacity issues)


Hand swatches in two different light/angles. From left to right the colors are: Gilded, Lavish, Noir, Midnight, Azure, Steel, and Absynthe. The swatches clearly show that Midnight is a lighter shade of black than Noir, and Absynthe is not fully opaque.

Bottom Line: You really can't go wrong with the bang for your buck that you get with this set. You can barely get drug store liners for $4 each, so why not get fancy ones that are "waterproof" and long lasting? The only non-impressive liner in the set is Absynthe and it's still a pretty color and workable.

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