Monday, November 4, 2013

Great Essie Fall Purples

Fall is always a great time of year. The leaves are changing, it's not as hot, etc. Also it's a great time of year to wear purple. The best part is that you can go between two extremes of the color spectrum from the muted barely purple to a rich jewel toned purple. Enter Essie Merino Cool and Sexy Divide respectively, both of which are part of the permanent line.

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Sexy Divide is a great, rich, jewel toned metallic purple with blue undertones/shimmer. It's gorgeous. It's the color of royalty. Best of all it applies beautifully. Two coats and you get a sparkling pop at your fingertips.  Of course a jewel toned purple isn't particularly a unique shade, but Essie does it well.

Merino Cool is the toned down, understated "grey-ple" (greyish purple) cousin. It may look a little boring in the bottle, but actually very pretty. It helps polish a look (pun intended), and make it classy without being a boring "neutral" color. This is a safe way of wearing purple in an office setting. It's a lovely cream that applies beautifully as well. This is the stuff Essie polishes are made of! On a side note, the actual nail swatch is much darker and more purple than the bottle macro.


First off is two coats of Merino Cool with top coat. You can see that the actual color on the nails is darker and pulls a little more purple. FYI, the slightly uneven texture is from my top coat, not the polish.

Flash Pic

Shade Pic

Sunlight Pic
Two coats of Sexy Divide with top coat. So shiny and pretty, even in low-light setting!

Sunlight Pic

Shade Pic
Bottom Line: Whichever end of the spectrum of purple you like, you'll be able to find a great fall purple polish to suit your needs.

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