Monday, November 25, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Brocades Nail Polish: Review & Swatches

For today's Mani Monday I have polishes that are a part of the Gilded in Gold collection by Maybelline, the Brocades. These are only two of about 10 polishes available. The only two I found in the limited display I found, but I hope I see the extended display soon. The two that I have available are Crushed Crimson and Silver Swank.

Click the link below to see swatches.
Crushed Crimson is a red based glitter bomb with vary sizes and shapes of red glitter and medium gold hexagon glitter. It's predominantly red, with noticeable gold and red hex glitters that peak through all the other glitter. It's a super sludge-y textured polish. That sounds bad, but it actually isn't. Despite the odd texture it applied well, and it is fully opaque in two coats. However the glitter content is so high with too little base, that it tends to make the polish itself brittle and chip easily. I got tip wear and chips on the second day of wearing it. It's also a top coat eater if you want a smooth finish. I still really like the color though, and willing to ignore the wear time issue.

Silver Swank is a cool toned silver micro-glitter base with larger silver hexagon glitters and gold micro-shimmers. It's somehow both cool toned, and warm toned at the same time that it would be an easy color to wear by many. It's like sparkling snow flakes while the sun shines. This is another opaque polish. This wasn't as thick in texture (thankfully), so it didn't chip as readily. Still the lasting time was 3-4 days. This polish is also another top coat eater.


The following are two coats of each polish with top coat. First is Silver Swank. It's such a sparkly shade that my camera wasn't a huge fan of taking proper pics....

Shade Pic

Flash Pic
Next is Crushed Crimson. My camera wasn't a huge fan of this one either.

Sunlight Pic

Flash Pic

Bottom Line: The thicker texture of these polishes make it easier to chip, but the colors are so fabulous that I personally don't care. It's also a pain in the butt to get off of the nails, but that's no different from any other glitter polish. Essentially if you like the color, and don't mind fast chipping, it's worth the effort! Now if I can only find the rest of the Brocades collection polishes.

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