Friday, November 29, 2013

Fitness Friday: Whole 30 Week 4 Update

Today's Fitness Friday is my week 4 round up and conclusion of my Whole30 diet. Of course as I mentioned at the beginning, I was not going to do a full 30 days in deference for my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, but I did complete 26 days. You can revisit the progression of my Whole30 course by going here.

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My last week wasn't too different from week 3 to be quite honest. I didn't really have any "lows", and somehow I even had enough energy to bang out a boot camp/athletic step workout combo two days in a row. Finding food options were still limited, and I was often eating the same items over and over again. As a whole, I think it helps that I like varied types of food, so I can always find something to eat. I didn't feel like I was starving after the first few days, and I had plenty of energy (based on my workout/sleep schedule permitting it). Also with the combo of working out and eating healthy, I do physically look better. My Buddha belly, is a little less Buddha-ish.

Thanksgiving feast was fabulous, and I didn't have any stomach issues or bloating or anything like that (luckily). Truth be told, I didn't feel any different from any other Thanksgiving feast. Just the usual post-feast coma. Then the other shoe dropped. This morning I felt like I've been hit by a carb truck. I feel fuzzy in the head and just generally tired. No GI issues, just a hazy mushy feeling. This made me realize that I might want to generally take it easy on the carbs, and try not to indulge too heavily. After yoga and a jog, I do feel less cloudy in the head. I'm sure my ridiculous study schedule hasn't helped my cause either.

In summary:

  • I'm going to pick and choose the areas of the diet I liked. I'm keeping protein rich breakfasts, as well as decreasing the amount of unnecessary sugars.
  • I probably will go back to yogurt and cheese, but only sparingly. I'll stick to plain yogurt and add my own fruit with the occasional honey if needed.
  • I have gotten used to drinking my coffee without sugar. I'm going to stick to my cafe au lait style. One less thing to put sugar in.
  • Always try to find healthier alternatives, and ALWAYS read labels. Sugar truly is in a bunch of random things.
  • I'll probably stay away from most beans. I knew before all this that beans and I don't get along very well (even though I like the taste), so it seems silly to add it now.
  • I'm willing to repeat this in the future, and try it for the entire 30 days. I don't think it'll make a huge difference, but I like the idea of eating healthy items. Not because I think my body can't properly digest it, but it's a healthy option.

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