Saturday, November 16, 2013

Walgreens Eos Dupe: Review

I'm a little bit of a lip product junkie, especially balms. And anytime I can find some fun flavors, its even better. Walgreens has had their version of the Eos Lip Balm for a few months now, and it's called the Revo Lip Balm. Now that the Holidays are approaching there are special edition flavors. What's better is that they are currently (until 11/27/13) BOGO free, so you get 2 for the price of one! Score!

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Berry Frost, Watermelon, Sugar Cookie, Candy Cane
These might be a little hard to find since it wasn't located in the area with the rest of the balms. It was by the cosmetic check-out area where I usually find Jordana items in a little bin that looks like the one below.

The new holiday edition flavors are: Sugar Cookie, Candy Cane, and Berry Frost. I also got one from the permanent line in Watermelon. I have yet to try it, but Strawberry is part of the permanent line as well.

Since these are meant to be dupes for the Eos Lip Balm, might as well start the comparisons. First of all they have the same amount of product at 0.25 oz, and a slightly cheaper price point ($2.99). Upon opening the lid, all these have a different color based on their flavor (Eos has the same shade of color, but different depths). The Revo balms also have a flat top, which is actually a little easier to use since you don't need to flatten it out yourself. I've only tried the Sugar Cookie flavor thus far, and I find the actual balm just as moisturizing as Eos. It's a thicker balm that coats our lips. Some might find it heavy, but I like the way it feels. These types of balms work well under drying lipsticks as well.

Comparison of the packaging of Eos (left) and Revo Balms (right) side to side.

Bottom Line: I think these Revo Lip Balms are worth the price, and are just as good. Especially since these are currently BOGO free, it's even better. It's a little cheaper than the Eos Balms as well.

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