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Maybelline Color Whisper Permanent Collection Part 1: Review & Swatches

To continue on with the Maybelline love I have recently, here are the permanent shades of the Color Whispers. Yes, I do own and like other brands of makeup, but since I have these handy, might as well knock these posts out. It's been in my "to-do" pile for a long bit. I've reviewed a limited edition shade prior to this post here, but I didn't want the permanent collection to go to the wayside. It's just as exciting and lovely as the fleeting colors that come and go with each season.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Lust for Blush, Petal Rebel, Rose of Attraction, Mad for Magenta
There is a reason these original Color Whispers blew up in the market when it first came out in the spring. Much like their often compared to counter part (Revlon Lip Butters), it's a sheer colored balm that can be built up to create a nice wash of color on your lips. It's meant to be moisturizing, and an easy go-to product to apply on the lips without the hassle of finding a mirror. On top of it all, it's a great option for those who want to try color, but are afraid of the commitment.

I personally find the Color Whispers to be comfortable to wear on the lips, even without a balm underneath. Yes I'm weird and usually apply a balm underneath this balm. I've been told I lick my lips a lot (I don't try do it on purpose), which leads to nice and dry parched lips. In any case, back to the topic at hand. These can be built up for noticeable color, and the intensity changes as it's built up. You can create multiple effects with one product. Also, the feel on the lips is more slippery/wet (compared to a thick balm). This allows it to be built up easier without creating as much clumps on dry patches. As a whole, the range of colors is more pigmented then other colored balms as well. What's even better? No noticeable smell/taste for those who are sensitive. Lasting time varies, with darker colors lasting a little longer by leaving a "hint" of a stain behind. It averages 1-2 hours. I found that it wears off evenly, so I don't have to worry about a patchy mess on my lips.


Following are hand and lip swatches without anything below (no primers). That would be the reason why some of my lip swatches show dry patches. The hand swatches are a more concentrated swatch, while the lip swatches are worn the way I normally would. As the products are advertised as being a sheer color, you can notice my lip freckles (aka sun damage) in all the swatches prooving this point. The name of the colors are written below the pictures.

Lust for Blush, Petal Rebel, Rose of Attraction, Mad for Magenta
Lush for Blush is a warm toned pink with a slight hint of nude. It's one of the lighter shades that's rather demure. It's a everyday type of pink.

Lush for Blush
Petal Rebel is a cool-toned Barbie pink. Although on the lips it appears more sheer, and not as vibrant. On me it turns out being a shinnier, slightly blue-pink version of my lips. It's not as pigmented as some of the other colors reviewed.

Petal Rebel
Rose of Attraction is one of the shimmer shades, although not noticeable on the lip (or hand) swatch. The shimmer particles tend to make the color shinnier without feeling gritty or grimy on the lips. Luckily the shimmer doesn't change the texture of the balm. It imparts a sheer, warm rose shade.

Rose of Attraction
Mad for Magenta is a blue-based dark pink on the lips. It leans slightly purple and becomes a magenta shade as the name implies. Even though it is one of the darker colors, because of its sheer nature, it is a wearable shade for all occasions.

Mad for Magenta
Bottom Line: The permanent line of the Color Whispers totally have it. Comfortable to wear, imparts a nice hint of color that's noticeably different with each shade selection (it doesn't look the same on the lips). Its a nice alternative to keep handy on days you want color on the lips without putting lots of effort.

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