Monday, September 2, 2013

September SquareHue Box: Reveiw & Swatches

It's a miracle, I'm being good and posting my September SquareHue contents at the beginning of the month! Let's see how long I can keep up the good work. September's theme is The Serengeti Collection. Nice Africa theme to wave off my roomie goodbye who'll be in Africa this month.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Savanna Sundowner is the prettiest in the collection. Maybe not the most unique shade ever, but unique in my stash (which is rather sizeable). It's an olive green with antique gold flecks that are visible even in low light. This applied well without streakiness.

Swahili Charm appears in the bottle to be a rather nondescript (in my opinion rather ugly) midtone brown cream. Luckily, once applied it becomes a rich dark chocolatey brown that I actually like. Applying darker than the bottle swatch is a theme that is often common in SquareHue cream polishes. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes bad, just depends on the shade. Otherwise, once again, a great cream formula.

Grassland Safari is a nice and bright chartreuse/bright yellow jelly-cream. This is a really thin formula that needed to be built up. It needed three coats to create full opacity and decrease the patchiness. It's a great color, but required some work. The finished (3 coat) application looked more like a cream polish, but the application was more jelly-like.


The following swatches are two coats of the polish (except Grassland Safari has 3 coats). No base or top coat. That will explain the seemingly rough texture of the middle nail (Swahili Charm). I ran out of base coat, and my nail itself is a little worse for wear. The actual polish is a smooth cream.

Natural Light: Savanna Sundowner, Swahili Charm, Grassland Safari

Flash Pic: Savanna Sundowner, Swahili Charm, Grassland Safari
Bottom Line: Still going strong SquareHue. The only one that gave me pains is Grassland Safari, but the color is great, so I'm willing to deal with it. Otherwise, congrats SquareHue for making me a brown polish believer with Swahili Charm.

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