Thursday, September 26, 2013

Study Tool Necessity: Colored Pens

Yup, I'm a uber nerd at heart. Or perhaps in life in general. I get excited over stationary/office supplies, especially with every new school year. Ya I know school's already in session, but who really gets down to study at the beginning of a semester? Not this gal. So it's about this time of year that I realize I need to start organizing my things, and reach for my colorful pens. Here's a few I like personally. Ya, I know I'm weird.

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Staedtler Triplus Roller is an excellent choice for the colorful/tech minded. Clearly it's some sort of European brand (Germany maybe?), but you can get it at Staples. It comes in a nifty little case that can be rearranged to make its own stand. It's a nice, sturdy, hard plastic case that makes the pens portable and easy to grab. The shape is rather unusual and triangular. The corners aren't sharp, and it fits nicely into your hand for easy writing. The yellow was a dud for me, but all the other colors flowed nicely. It even writes pretty decently on glossy surfaces (like glossy business cards). The best part is the fine tip. I prefer non-chunky lines because it's easier to write neater for me. The ink is a odd mixture between ballpoint ink and gel. It doesn't specify on the packaging. It apparently has the added benefit of not drying out even if uncapped for several days. I personally haven't put that to the test yet though.

Next is the Pilot Acroball. It has great colors (even plain black), with a nice cushiony grip for crazy note writing days. These become a life saver when I try to catch up on making a bunch of flashcards. It's a little thicker tip then I usually prefer, but the comfort while using it is what makes me like it. I actually got introduced to these by Birchbox, so thank you! This is another great ballpoint pen that writes smoothly without any problems skipping. No bleeding issues either.

Last, but not least is the Sharpie Pen. Maybe it has a fancier name, but I threw out the package long ago. This is fine tipped felt pen. It's not waterproof/permanent, so don't let the Sharpie name fool you. It writes well without skipping, but can smudge on occasion, depending on the surface you're writing on. These are nice pen/markers, but they do hurt my fingers if I'm writing for longer periods of time. This is more of a go to pen to annotate quick notes in the margin.


It's not makeup, but you can still enjoy some "swatches" of the pens!

Staedtler Triplus Roller

Pilot Acroball

Sharpie Pen

Bottom Line: There are pros and cons to all of the pens, but I feel it's a necessary part of my stash. Maybe this will help narrow down the choices for you.

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