Monday, September 30, 2013

Sinful Colors Halloween Polish in Black Magic: Review & Swatches

So my grand plans to put a few nail polish related posts for "Mani Monday" kinda went out the window, but here is at least one more. And what could be better as we head into October then to review a Halloween polish? That's right. Black Magic from the Sinful Colors, Colors to Die For collection is in stores now, and for $1.99, the price can't be beat!

Continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

All stores are a little different (obviously), but I found this display at one of my local Walgreens (pic above). Do you all find that different stores within one chain carry completely different things? I swear. In any case, as should be with a Halloween collection, there are variations of blacks and oranges, but this time around there were a few glitters thrown in. I personally was only drawn to one of these polishes, and that's Black Magic. It's a perfect blend of charcoal glitter with hints of glowing orange glitter in a clear base. If I let my nerd flag fly, I would say the ratio of charcoal to orange to be roughly 3 to 1. Essentially it looks like the twinkle of Jack-o-lanterns in a twilight sky. I didn't think this would be opaque at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. With two coats you can get full opacity. I tend to find full on packed glitter polishes like this one to last a little less on the nails, and Black Magic is no exception. It was a 3-4 day polish (vs. 4-5 day).


Black Magic over Finger Paints Sarong so Right on all nails. As you can see on the third and fourth nail Black Magic can be opaque on it's own without a base color (even though I do have a base color). I like using glitter polishes like these as finger tip accents. I apologize, but my top coat kinda "shrunk" my polish.

Sunlight Pic

Shade Pic

Flash Pic
Bottom Line: This polish is a surprisingly unique shade in my collection that applies well and can be built up for full opacity. At $1.99 I say go get you Halloween on!


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