Friday, September 27, 2013

Fitness Friday: Getting Past a Workout Rut

It's a Friday, and most of us are feeling a little lazy after a long week. I know I am. Need at little motivation to go to the gym or work out? Here some tips for you (despite it being obvious). Sometimes you just need a different perspective on the same old (Pic: google images).

Try a new class at the gym:

  • Cross fit/boot camp is still a huge hit and it's a great workout. Just be careful not to puke your guts out/pass out. The main thing is just keep moving even if you're slower.
  • Water aerobics-don't knock it. I tried it once and it about killed me. Treading water for 20 minutes straight is hard to do.
  • Spinning class- high calorie burn. I personally don't like it, but it's worth a try.
  • Dance Aerobics- classes like zumba combine aerobic exercise with some fun dance moves. Let your boogie out.

Lift weights:

  • No you won't get huge muscles, and yes it will be helpful. Muscle burns more fat, and make you look more toned.

Work out with a buddy:

  • Misery loves company. Having someone with you can make all the difference. Push each other work harder.

Go for a walk/hike:

  • Walking or hikes is an easy way to get your "burn on" so to speak. It's generally lower impact, but still heart healthy. Hikes also can be made hard or easy as wanted.

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