Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Ipsy Bag Review

I was originally going to skip my Ipsy Glam Bag post for September since I literally didn't get it in the mail until two days prior, but I changed my mind. Mostly because the Classic Beauty themed September bag was a departure from the norm (compared to what I have experienced thus far).

To continue reading the review and see the contents of the September bag, click the link below.

This bag contained the usual 4-5 items with potentially full sized items as I am accustomed to. I even received 2 full sized items, which was great. However the quality of the items as a whole, and the type of deluxe samples I received were rather disappointing.

First of the items are the  John Frieda Full Repair shampoo and conditioner. I actually do like the John Frieda products I've tried in the past, and the quality of the product (although I have not tried it yet) is most likely fabulous based on my past experience. The issue I have is that I can get he exact same sample size products at my local drug store to try it out if I wanted. I don't need my sample subscription to do that for me. Especially since I don't want a Full Body Shampoo. I have thick horse hair that doesn't lay flat like I want it. The last thing I need is to add extra body to it.

Next is another Starlooks pencil, this time a kohl liner in the color Obsidian. This is another fail product for me. This time because of the quality. It's too hard a tip that it tugs on the eyelids, and the color payoff is rather lackluster unless you build it up. My philosophy is that if you're going to add a black pencil to a subscription bag then it better be really good since I (and most people) have plenty of a staple color as black.

Elizabeth Mott It's So Big mascara is a volumizing mascara with an slightly hourglass shape to the bristle wand. This was another product I wasn't too impressed with. I didn't find it to be particularly volumizing. It smudges the slightest bit, but nothing too bad. The brush itself was difficult to use as well. It didn't coat my eyelashes evenly unless I maneuvered the brush around. It was too much work for so little payoff.

The last full sized item in the bag is the NYX eyeshadow in Charcoal. This is the product I'm most excited about. I enjoy NYX eyeshadows, and this was no exception. It's a nice light charcoal shimmery grey that's not overly loud. The eyeshadow can be slightly powdery when you dip your brush in it, but not on the eyelid.


Starlooks kohl pencil in Obsidian on the left. The single pass swatch shows that greyish tinge, and then the thicker swatch shows that it can be built up to an opaque color. The right is the NYX eyeshadow in Charcoal. Nice silvery grey with the slightest hint of mauve undertones.

Following is a swatch of Elizabeth Mott's It's so Big! mascara on the eyelashes. As you can see my lashes don't seem much different from the natural lashes. This swatch is multiple passes over the lashes.

Bottom Line:  Besides the NYX eyeshadow, I was generally disappointed with this bag. Hope next month brings better things.

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