Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Revlon Evening Opulence Collection: Review & Swatches

As the fall collections are coming to the stores, some are eye catching, and others not so much. Only two items really stood out to me from the new fall 2013 Revlon The Evening Opulence Collection by Gucci Westman. A Color Burst lipgloss and nail polish.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

The display of the The Evening Opulence collection (shown above) features Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde wearing vampy makeup. On a personal level, I think Emma Stone's makeup is a little too much. There are two new lip butters, eyeliners, and eyeshadow "palette's" besides the items I got. I am unsure whether the eyeshadow and eyeliner are limited edition or not.

Elusive nail polish is one of 3-4 limited edition colors available in this collection (I'm unsure on the number since it appears that Elusive takes up two columns on the display). This is the only polish that I found unique to my collection/what I'm interested in. It's a black based polish (maybe VERY dark hunter green?) with multiple sized and colored glitters. The macro shot shows blue micro glitter, which I couldn't detect on the nail. You can see the smaller green glitter and larger teal hexagon glitters once applied. It's a great dark fall/winter color with flashes of sparkle.
Color Burst Lipgloss in Adorned is the other item in the collection I was interested in. There are 3 limited edition colors, and all of them interested me, but I have staid away from them in the past. I think it has too sweet/cloying smell that goes straight to my nose and lingers for a very long time. The dark purple is pretty, but not something I could pull off, but Adorned was just too fabulous a color to pass up. The gloss itself is a little sticky, but still comfortable to wear. The sticky texture increases the longetivity. Also luckily, the degree of sweet cloying smell seems to be less than what I remember. The color itself is a vibrant fuchsia pink with blue micro shimmer, and can be built up to be opaque. It's Gahr-geous Dahhhling. The applicator is slightly different from the norm. It's more like a paddle shape with flat sides (not a doe foot). This does make application easier as you can spread color in one sweep.


Hand swatch of Adorned shows the blue micro-shimmer the best. Even the lip swatch shows the blue shimmer if you look close enough. On quick pass/view it appears to make the lips super shiny, shimmery, and "juicy."

Elusive nail polish swatches. It's opaque in two coats, and the base color is sheer enough to show the glitter through it, yet opaque enough to not leave bald patches.

Natural Light Pic

Flash Pic

Shade Pic
Bottom Line: I don't know if the other items in this collection are as great as these, but you should get both of them! They're great fall editions, and Adorned would work well in the summer time too!

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