Monday, January 20, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish Part 2: Review & Swatches

Today's Mani Monday will be to review a couple more shades from the Revlon Parfumerie polish line. I reviewed a few more shades here. This came out in stores a little over a month ago, and just as a reminder, this is the second go-round of scented polishes for Revlon. I didn't buy these for their scent, but I liked the colors so picked these up during a BOGO sale.

To continue reading the post and see swatches, click the link below.

I already did an in-depth review of the polish formula, so you can refer to the original post for details. In terms of scent, once again it wasn't long lasting. The scent was present for about 1.5-2 days, at which point I really didn't notice it lingering.

Spun Sugar is a warm taupe/silver shimmer. It does look slightly like sugar crystals as it shimmers. It's a pretty taupe/griege (grey-beige) color. The brush strokes on this polish was slightly more visible than any of the other polishes I have tried from this line. It's opaque in two coats. As for the smell, I expected something sweet, but it was more of a soap type smell. It was rather strong, and I found it to be a little unpleasant. If the smell lingered, I would have issues wearing this. Luckily that's not the case. It had good wear time as well.

Italian Leather is a deep hunter green with golden shimmer. It's not rally a color I associate with leather, but nonetheless very pretty. Again the smell isn't leather-like either. This was another odd soap-perfume type scent with MAYBE a hint of new car smell. This was another scent I wasn't fond of. Otherwise the formula was good, and lasted well on the nails.

Also, since I forgot to show the brush in my original post, figured I'll show it to you now. It's actually a rather thin brush, so many brush strokes are necessary to paint each nail. That doesn't particularly bother me since I keep my nails short, and my nail beds are not that large. However, I can see how this would be an issue for some with longer/larger nails.


Two coats each of the polishes with top coat. Italian Leather on my second and third fingers, with Spun Sugar on my fourth and fifth fingers. You can see from the swatches that Spun Sugar has more obvious brush strokes due to the metallic nature of the polish. Note: The bubbly looking texture on my nails is top coat. I had two bottles that were simultaneously getting goopey. I have since gotten rid of both, so future swatch pics shouldn't have bubbles (hopefully).

Flash Pic

Shade Pic

Natural Light Pic
Bottom Line: Both are nice polishes if you ignore the scent. I do prefer Italian Leather, and it's pretty as a polish itself (ignoring the novelty). Spun Sugar is a good polish for a metallic, but nothing that is a "must get." Of the four I have, it's the least favorite of mine.

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