Thursday, January 9, 2014

Benefit Rockateur: Review & Swatches

Benefit is a brand that is rather well known for its many Box Blushes. A new one comes out every year or so, and some catch my eye, others don't. The newest edition that came out towards the end of last year has brought quite a bit of hype. It's the Rockateur blush.

To read the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Now look at the blush that's been making everyone go into a tizzy. It's a rosey-tan blush with a silver micro-shimmer. It's mostly overspray, but there is still some shimmer once the overspray is worn away. It also has an embossed design with "Rock" as the focal image. As with all Benefit box blushes, this also has a scent to it. I can't really place it, but it's a subtle scent compared to some of the other ones. It's neither good nor bad.

In the box, it just seems like another rosey hued blush, but something magical happens on the cheeks. It somehow puts a flush on the cheeks and define it at the same time.

As for packaging, back in the day the lids of these box blushes came off completely. Now that it's reformulated for the last 2-3 boxes, the lid doesn't come off. I have mixed feelings about that fact, but that's neither here nor there. There is a mirror on the lid of the box, but it's rather small and not really useful.

As with the other boxes, Rockateur also has an included blush brush that lays in a clear plastic tray on top of the blush. This is a slightly better brush than the past boxes. It's actually rather soft and usable. Not scratchy at all. It's has a rounded tip, and is also tapered on one side (picture to the right). The shape makes for easy blush application. Since I keep this brush in the box, I actually just end up using this brush instead of another one.

All things about this blush are just right. The hype about this is true folks. I'm hooked. In fact out of all the blushes that I packed away during the move, I specifically dug this one back out since I missed it.

If you want to see some of the other Benefit Box Products, you can see the video below. I'm just bringing out all the old school vids.


The following is a hand swatch without primer. Concentrated swatch on the left, and blended out swatch on the right. It's the perfect everyday color. It's slightly peachy/tan that can warm up the cheeks and give it a nice glow. If you have naturally red/pink cheeks, this adds a flush and makes it a prettier color. Despite the sheen seen in the box, it doesn't emphasize pores.

Bottom Line: I hate to repeat the same song and dance as everyone else, but this is a no brainer, great blush. It's one of those products that looks good with everything, and it can build up in intensity. If you have medium or lighter skin tone, this is a must.

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