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Skincare Sunday: Mario Badescu Products

Sometimes trying samples of different products from the same line is all you need to help you choose the products for you. For today's Skincare Sunday I'll be reviewing items from Mario Badescu that is formulated for my skin type based on a quiz I took on their website. The best part is that you can receive these samples for free to try out.

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Starting off with the first step of skin care:

The Enzyme Cleansing Gel is formulated for all skin types as a non-foaming cleanser. It removes everything without stripping the skin of its moisture. The active ingredients of papaya and grapefruit extracts that contain alpha hydroxy acids helps to prevent build up. I found this to be a decent cleanser, but not something that really removed makeup. I preferred using this in the morning.

The Keratoplast Cream Soap is formulated for combo, dry, and sensitive skin to reduce redness from broken capillaries. It claims to remove light makeup as well. I found this to be another nice mild non-soap cleanser that didn't irritate my skin. I only have mild broken capillaries around my nose that you really need to be rather close to me to see, and those weren't affected by the soap. Again I used this as a morning soap, and don't think it would be effective for the type of makeup I wear. It's the cleanser I preferred over the two.

 Next step:

Special Cucumber Lotion despite it's name is a toner formulated for combo and oily skin. It's astringent quality helps to dry up existing acne blemishes and prevent new ones. It has sulfur as the active ingredient, combined with a cucumber base to prevent drying and irritation. It was a non-drying toner. I don't think I found it to be particularly anti-blemish since I still got about the same amount of breakouts. My main issue is that it had a strong baby powder type of smell, which is something that really bothers me. Something about it makes me want to gag. I couldn't finish my sample, so I may not have given it a good enough of a try. I used it for a week.
Seaweed Cleansing Lotion was more up my ally. It's formulated for combo, dry, or sensitive skin. I love that it doesn't have any alcohol. It's toning effect is from witch hazel that removes debris from pores. This is combined with the anti-inflammatory effects of seaweed, and aloe for sensitive skin. This didn't have an offensive smell, and I found it to work with my skin better. It didn't irritate my skin, but I don't think it did much to unclog my pores.
Next step:

Hyaluronic Eye Cream is formulated for all skin types to provide extra moisture to the delicate eye area without being heavy or greasy. It has an aloe base that allows it to be used with even sensitive skin types. I really liked this eye cream, although it had an odd texture. It was almost sticky when you scoop it out of the container, but once spread on the skin, all residual stickiness goes away. It works well under makeup as well. My eye skin can be sensitive, and this didn't irritate it at all.

Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15 is a daily moisturizer for combo, oily, or sensitive skin. It's light-weight and aloe-based to soothe and hydrate, while being non-clogging. The actual moisturizer itself was nice, and SPF is great too. However, I HATE that companies think SPF 15 is enough coverage. For that reason I actually used this at night. I don't want to wear moisturizer, than have to add extra SPF on top since the coverage is not enough. The magical number is 30 and above folks!
Besides the daily skincare items, you may want the extras to help you out:

Almond & Honey Non Abrasive Face Scrub is a yummy smelling scrub formulated for all skin types. It's made as a non-abrasive, and gently exfoliating product to refine flaky skin and prevent build-up that causes dullness. There are actual ground almonds and cornmeal pieces to act as a physical exfoliants. The honey extract ensures that the skin is soft and hydrated. I liked the chunks in it, but I wished it had more. There were too few to really properly exfoliate, and the pieces in there had sharp edges that was sometimes painful. Also once the scrub was rinsed off, it left an uncomfortable film behind. I would have to re-wash my face after the scrub.

The Kiwi Face Scrub was the better formulated of the two I tried. Once again the scrub is formulated for all skin types. It has bits of seaweed and actual kiwi seeds (the black bits in the pic) to help naturally slough away surface dullness to reveal softer, smoother skin. The natural AHA content also prevents blackheads and improve overall texture by removing buildup. I much preferred the texture of this scrub, and no film was left behind. The only downside once again is that the physical exfoliants were too far and few in between. I didn't feel like it exfoliated properly. At least it didn't hurt my skin though.

Flower & Tonic Mask is formulated for combo, oily, and sensitive skin. It's both a purifying and calming mask formulated for congested, bumpy, or slightly oily skin. There is a kaolin (clay) base that absorbs dirt and grime, and Balsam Peru to soothe minor redness and irritation. This is a nice mask that seems to work. It's no miracle worker, but my skin feels nice afterwards. Most importantly, despite the clay content, it doesn't irritate my skin. It is a hardening mask, and hardens with in 5 minutes.

Azulene Calming Mask is formulated for all skin types. It contains a chamomile extract (azulene) with Balsam Peru for anti-inflammation. The combo helps to calm irritated, red skin. Also it contains kaolin clay and wheat starch to absorb impurities. Unlike the other mask, this one doesn't harden. It also had a rather interesting consistency. As you can see from the pic, it's really sticky and thick. I can make peaks in it. Maybe this is what prevents it from hardening. I liked this mask as well, and prefer it to the Flower & Tonic Mask because it doesn't harden. It's more comfortable to wear.

The Drying Cream is something I hated. It's formulated for all skin types, and is meant to dry up small imperfections/bumps/zits that are under the surface by dabbing a small amount on the affected area. This is meant to prevent it from getting larger. The aloe content helps to conceal and heal already erupted pimples. The reason I hated this was the smell. It smelled like nasty second-hand cigarette smoke that's been lingering around in the air, and it lingers. I put it on once before bed, and I literally smelt the stench the next morning. It did nothing to dry my monster zit. It might even have been irritating (that last part might be in my head). I just couldn't use this.

Bottom Line: The full-sized items that I would buy are the Hyaluronic Eye Cream and Azulene Calming Mask. The other items are not bad (except for the Drying Cream), but not the best formulation for me. I do like the general concept of the Mario Badescu items, and curious to try out some more items.

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