Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chapstick Hydration Lock Review

I always have some sort of balm hanging around wherever I am. I literally have one form or another in each bag, car, and multiple areas of my room. Ya, I'm a little addicted. Chaptstick is one of the brands I first started using as a kid, and as an easy "go-to" form. I still have various flavors hanging around. So imagine my excitement in finding a new kind at the end of 2013? In comes the Hydration Lock with CoQ10.

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As of now, it only comes in the Vanilla Creme flavor. Luckily this is a flavor that should be appealing to most since it's not an overpowering smell/taste. Per the packaging, this Chaptick makes some impressive claims. They are as follows:
  • 8 Hours of moisture
  • Contains antioxidant CoQ10
  • Contains hyaluronic filling spheres
  • Gives lips a fuller and smoother appearance
  • Has a light, silky texture for instant smoothness and enhanced lip feel
The balm is a thicker texture than other Chapsticks. It's closer in thickness to Eos or the Walgreens dupe. It still glides over lips easily, and it feels comfortable on the lips. I suppose this translates to an "instant smoothness" to the lips. The other claims are not met though. I don't find that this provides a full 8 hours of moisture, especially since I feel I need to reapply after eating/drinking (and there is no 8 hour period besides sleep that I would go without doing either of those things). I don't think my lips are any fuller either. Hyaluronic acid as a filler under the skin (via injection) does increase fullness, but it doesn't do much in terms of soaking into the skin as a topical product. Maybe there might be some long-term benefits with continued use.

Update: Now that I've been using this a little longer, I've noticed that it leaves a slight white film behind when applied. I personally like to load up balms on my lips, and since this is white tinted to start with, the extra layers wash out my natural lip color. Just an FYI.

Bottom Line: It's a nice balm for a short term solution, but it doesn't meet all the claims. If you want the same Chapstick quality with a thicker texture, get this. Otherwise it's nothing special.

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