Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stila L.A. Lady Set: Review & Swatches

Stila is finally becoming a more known brand in my opinion. It's a great brand that has a variety of lovely items. I've done a video review of the items in the past if you're interested as well. This is a set with a smattering of their permanent products in one set. It has 5 full-sized items for $20 total. It's a total steal considering the individual items are often more expensive than that. You can find the set online (only) on Ulta.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

First item in the set is the Convertible Eye Color in Slate. It's meant to be an eyeliner, eyeshadow, and smudger combo. It's the dark grey color as the name suggests. It's a super creamy formula that smudges easily. It can be used as an eyeliner or a base. It's a little too unevenly dark to be used alone for shadow. It'll make you look like you have a black eye. The only downside is that the packaging is a little bulky. The smudger is decently soft and easy to use.

The Smudge Crayon in Pink Violet, is a waterproof eye primer, shadow and liner combo. It's a jumbo pencil that twists up at the base. There is a pointed end when you first use the product, but that quickly wears down. It's a shimmery red based purpley-pink. It's a darker shade that has reddish-gold glitter particles. It works best as a primer or liner. I don't know how well this would last on it's own since I always wear primer under everything.

Pigalle, Shell
The two eyeshadows of the set are Pigalle and Shell. If you know Stila as a brand, you know of the existence of Kitten. Even if you don't know about the shadows, they are soft, non-powdery, and smooth. It applies easily and well, and most have good color payoff. The two colors naturally work with the set, and the Smudge Crayon would be a good choice as base for either one. Pigalle is a red-based plum pearl/satin. Shell is a shimmery champagne color with a slight hint of pink. Shell has a more noticeable sparkle to it without being a chunky glitter.

Plumping Lip Glaze in Cherry Mint is the last of the items in the set. I must say that as much as I enjoy many Stila products, I'm not a huge fan of their gloss. It's a plumping formula that has a tingly, minty feel to it. It's not overpowering in taste or smell. The issue I have is not the plumping properties, but the sticky/tacky texture of the gloss itself. I also HATE brush tip applicators for glosses. I don't know why, but it creeps me out. The color is very beautiful mid-tone, blue-based, dusky shade of pink with golden shimmer that sparkles on the lips. It enhances the lips without giving much opacity in color.

As a side note, there is a packaging issue with the lipgloss includes in this set. It's the first time I've noticed it on a Stila glosses, but thought it pertinant to point out. Notice below that even with the cap "closed", it's not completely closed.

The old school video that I mentioned earlier. The products swatches and reviewed in it are actually mostly still available, and still applicable.


The following swatches are on bare skin without any primer. Convertible Eye Color in Slate, used as a liner on the left, and blended out as an eyeshadow on right. See how it blends a little unevenly.

Smudge Crayon in Pink Violet in a thick swatch. Closer to how it would be used as a liner. It would be better to sheer it out slightly for primer to prevent clumping.

Eyeshadows below without primer. Pigalle on the left, and Shell on the right. Different angles to show the more obvious shimmer particles of Shell.

Pigalle, Shell

Pigalle, Shell
Plumping Lip Glaze in Cherry Mint. It doesn't impart too much color, but it's nice and shimmery. You can see my lip freckles underneath.

Bottom Line: With the price as it is, you really can't go wrong with getting this set. Even if you only liked one item, it would be worth it. Stila is a great brand, and this gives the opportunity to try out several of their products for a discounted price.

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