Saturday, January 11, 2014

Milani Statement Lipsticks: Review & Swatches

As spring is fast approaching, and the makeup collections are revamping, new shades of old favorites start to emerge. Milani had quite the year with these Statement Lipsticks that came out last year. I find myself always gravitating towards the Milani section at the drug store, and one of the reasons is because of this lipstick. These are four of the initial shades I purchased.

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If my intro wasn't a dead giveaway, I like these lipsticks. It comes in an aesthetically pleasing light gold package with a shade indicator at the bottom of the tube that ACTUALLY matches the color inside (take note Flower Cosmetics). It's heavy duty enough to withstand rolling around in your purse.

The main reason these have been well liked, not only by me, but many in the blogosphere/Youtube is that it's a high pigment, opaque, long wearing, comfortable lipstick with a very large color (31 with more to come) and finish range (6 types) all at an affordable drug store price. I mean who can argue with quality and options at a cheap price? I sure can't. On top of it all, these lipsticks have good for your lips ingredients that include vitamins A, C, and E, as well as being paraben free. The only thing that would be considered a con is the rather strong synthetic watermelon smell that's associated with this. For someone who gets turned off with smells a lot, this actually doesn't bother me. I can deal with fruity lip product smells just fine. Most likely because this is the same smell that past Milani lip products had, so I'm used to it.


Hand swatches below. From left to right: Fruit Punch, Hot Pink Rage, Rose Hip, and Nude Creme. It's a little obvious the type of lip shades a prefer.

Fruit Punch, Hot Pink Rage, Rose Hip, Nude Creme
Hot Pink Rage is a matte shade. On the lips there is still a sheen to the lips, and wears more like a semi-matte. The shiny texture does dry down as the color settles on the lips to some extent. It's a bright, mostly neutral pink with the tiniest a hint of coral.

Nude Creme is a cream finish as the name implies. It's a pinkey-beige type of nude. It's not the type of color that makes you have dead looking lips. Instead it gives a polished look to the face.

Rose Hip is a cream finish bright magenta. It leans towards the blue-spectrum of pink.

Fruit Punch is another cream finish (clearly I prefer them). It's a coral based mid-tone pink.

Bottom Line: The Statement Lipsticks as a whole are a great lipstick line with many finishes and colors. All the shades I tried do not disappoint. Just keep in mind that there is a melon candy type smell if you're sensitive to scents.

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