Thursday, December 5, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Polish: Review & Swatches

These new Revlon Parfumerie Polishes have hit the stores in the last month or so, and more displays of these are cropping up. It's not the first time that Revlon has promoted a polish that is meant to have a scent (last time was roughly 3 years ago), but they have revamped the look with this go-round. These retail for $4-6, making a rather reasonably priced polish. However, keep in mind that at 0.4 fl oz, it's 20% (0.1 fl oz) less than the average polish amount.

To continue reading the the review and see swatches, click the link below.

I've seen several displays of these polishes, but the first I found was as part of the larger display like the one shown here. The new lip products were part of the display as well. These are no means the entire collection of polish colors available, but it is a start. These are meant to be part of the permanent collection as well, so there really doesn't need to be rush to buy them. The packaging is rather special, and meant to look like little artisan perfume bottles. Or at least that's what I think it's meant to be. The little bottle cap (like any other polish) contains the brush on it. I have rather small-ish hands, so holding a small ball shouldn't be too hard, but it is. I can only imagine someone with longer fingers would have a difficult time. It's hard to maneuver/flip the brush. I've accidentally pitched the brush onto the floor while applying, and luckily no polish got on the floor. Otherwise, the actual quality of the polish is there. Two coats are enough to create an opaque color.

What about the smell you say? Like it's predecessor, the smell of the polishes becomes apparent once it dries. Don't go sniffing the bottle, since that doesn't smell good. However, unlike the past scented polishes, the smell disappears rather quickly.

Wintermint is the supposed dupe of Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream. I don't own the actual Deborah Lippmann polish to be able to compare the two, but I like this Revlon polish. It's a nice minty/sea foam metallic base with gold and green micro-shimmer and medium sized blue hexagon glitter. It's a little textured once applied, and has the same type of finish neon polishes have (a matte finish). I prefer this with top coat to make it shiny. It lasted a little shorter time due to the nature of the polish (it's more brittle). In terms of smell, it lasted for the day I applied it, but no longer. It's a sweet, vanilla-mint type of smell.

Autumn Spice is a warm metallic chocolate brown with lots of golden and burgundy shimmer. This one applies like a dream, and is nearly opaque in one coat. It lasts nicely on the nails as well. It also has a stronger smell that lasts about a day longer than the other polish. It has a cinnamon/clove/spice type of smell. It reminded me of very strong gingerbread cookie smell.

Just as an FYI, Walgreens has a set like the ones below (a two pack). If you want to kill two birds with one stone.


The following are two coats with top coat of each of the polishes. The shimmer in Autumn Spice is still visible in low light, lending a warm glow to the color.

Natural Light Pic

Flash Pic
Wintermint is seemingly a polish that would be sheer, but it is opaque. It has more texture to it due to the glitter content. Both the smaller micro-glitter and larger hex glitter shows through.

Natural Light Pic

Flash Pic
Bottom Line:  If you're looking for some dupes to higher end polishes that work well, or polishes that are nice quality, then these are great. If you want the polish for the sake of having a "perfumed" product, then these are not worth it. If you can find similar colors elsewhere, the packaging is too much of a hassle that I would opt for a different brand.

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