Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jane Cosmetics Reintroduction: Eye Product Review & Swatches

For us "older" ladies, we remember Jane Cosmetics as being an affordable drug store brand that had a myriad of cosmetic offerings. It was on par with Wet n Wild and NYC. Pricing was similar, and quality (pre-revamping) was similar. Then it all faded into nonexistence. Now that quality of drug store makeup has improved, Jane Cosmetics is making another go-round at an Ulta near you.

To read the review and see swatches, click the link below.

When I first saw a tweet that Ulta was getting Jane Cosmetics in their stores, I was excited. The reason being that the nail polish that I used to love the most was made from them. Now this nail polish is long dead, but the memory lives on. I can't really remember trying many of the other cosmetic products, but I was nostalgic.

I decided to get a smattering of their eye make up products. As pricing goes, these are all MUCH more expensive than I remember these products being. That said, the eye products were of better price points in my opinion. Getting a Water Resistant Eye Liner for $6 (for drug store brand) is reasonable. I picked up 3 shades from the very impressive color range of 20 shades (including very exotic colors). These are nice retractable pencil liners that are very easy to work with. Glides smoothly and stays put. It lives up to the name of being "water resistant".

Next I got another liner, a Water Resistant Liquid Eye Liner in Golden Black. This is a brush tip liquid liner that creates a nice thin line. The brush tip is surprisingly easy to maneuver since it has enough stiffness, while still being flexible. Interesting shade selection in this as well (13 total). These run for $8, which is rather reasonable for a drug store liquid liner, but still more expensive then what I remember Jane Cosmetics items to be.

Last, but not least I bought some eyeshadow, the Shimmer Eye Shadow in Lotus. There is a whopping 34 shade selection of the Shimmer variety, and a whole extra 11 Matte shades. The eyeshadows also run $8, which is rather expensive for a single shadow. If I didn't have a coupon to use, I would be a little hesitant to pay so much for single eyeshadow. For those reasons, I wanted to pick a neutral shade that I could wear daily. I figured something that can be used as a highlighter was a good bet. That being said, if you were a fly on the wall when I first swatched this, you would have laughed at my face. I was REALLY surprised at how pigmented and smooth this eyeshadow is. I don't know if any of the other shades are like this one, but WOW. I want more, despite the price tag. I'm curious about the matte shades as well.

I am also interested in getting some of the cheek/face products, but was slightly turned off with the pricing. Unlike the eye makeup, which in my opinion were on par with drug store prices, the face products were on the same price level as the expensive drug store products (like Neutrogena). Last time I checked (from my teenage years), Jane Cosmetics was not and SHOULD not be expensive. I'll just have to wait for when it goes on sale.


Shimmer Eye Shadow in Lotus. Do you see how pigmented it is? This is just one swipe on bare skin. It positively glows! It's a pretty light golden metallic shade. It's perfect for a highlight, it's perfect as a soft wash over your entire lid. It's perfect.

Hand swatches of the Water Resistant Eye Liner in (from left to right) Teal, Deep Purple, and Charcoal, with Water Resistant Liquid Eye Liner in Golden Black on the far right. You can see the creamy texture best of the Water Resistant Eye Liner in Charcoal. As colors go, both Teal and Deep Purple are a slightly metallic version of their namesake, and Charcoal is a matte medium grey. Water Resistant Liquid Liner in Golden Black is a black based antique gold that shows up nearly opaque in one swipe.

Bottom Line: I've only (clearly) tried the eye products from Jane Cosmetics, but color me impressed. I love every single thing I got. I want more. When is Ulta going to have a BOGO?

Quick Update: It's just come to my notice that Ulta has all of these items on sale for $4 each! Don't know how long this will last, probably until 11/2/13.

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