Friday, October 11, 2013

Wet n Wild Be a Runway Beauty Collection: Review & Swatches

Another Wet n Wild post since you can't have new releases in the Fergie line, and not the core collection. (Check out new Fergie items here). As part of the Be a Runway Beauty collection, there are three new trio palettes, mascara, and polishes mixed in with staple permanent edition items. I picked up a Megalast nail polish in See Ya' Soon and a palette in Silent Era Film.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

My local Wlagreens had a little display like the one above promoting the new items. I'm pretty sure some of the polishes are part of the permanent collection, but I don't know which ones. To be quite honest, I've never tried the Megalast formula before, but there is a first for everything.

See Ya' Soon caught my eye with its duochrome shimmer. Even the label on the display showed multiple colors to indicate its a duochrome. In the macro shot in the bottle you can see a darker teal and a lighter pale blue shimmer. The picture didn't pick it up, but sometimes it flashes a deep purple as well. The bad news is that the duochrome fabulous-ness did not translate onto the nail. It became a dark teal shimmer with black undertones. Not too much duochrome in site. Also my brush was wonky, and had one bristle longer than the others that kept on messing up my application. Ya, I know I need to cut it, but I was lazy. I guess it falls under "It's a $1.99 polish, I can't complain" category. The formula itself was very nice, applied well (minus the single bristle sticking out issue), and did last on the nails through pretty tough wear and tear.

Luckily the Silent Era Film trio treated me well, and was exactly what I was expecting. As mentioned earlier, there are three new trios, and each have a film/movie type of name to it. I feel that Silent Era Film is almost a nice mixture of the other two palettes in terms of shade selection. There is a gorgeous lilac-grey-taupe color, a mid-tone coral matte, and a dark shimmery charcoal grey. I was excited since I thought the Crease color can work as a blush in a pinch. I have tried out the blush theory, and it does work decently well (but clearly it's not a blush). All shades apply well without any chalkiness. Each are very pigmented, and although not a combo you often see together, it works. This palette is a good example of why Wet n Wild shadows are popular. Good quality shadow for cheap! Just in case you wanted to know what the other two new palettes look like, see the pic below. Camera Obscura is more of a neutral palette, and Grays Matter is a purple palette.


Hand swatches are without primer. Look how pigmented these shades are!

Eye look using the Browbone shade on the inner color and lid, Crease shade on the outer third of the lid and to blend the Eyelid shade that's in the crease. Sorry if that description made things more confusing.

Two coats of See Ya' Soon with top coat. Fully opaque shimmery dark teal. I apologize for the wear and tear. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of this until the third day I wore the polish. I told you it lasted a long time!

Sunlight Pic

Flash Pic
Bottom Line: Both are great products that work well (despite the nail polish not being what I expected). The true gem between the two is definitely Silent Era Film. If nothing else, get that!

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