Saturday, October 26, 2013

October Ipsy Glam Bag: Review & Swatches

Yet another month has past, and another subscription service has come in the mail. The October  Ipsy bag is The Art of Beauty collection. The bag is horrible (although I do agree with the quote), and nothing that can be used in public in my opinion, but most of the contents were great.

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First in the bag is the Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel. This is the product that I wasn't too happy about, mostly because it's not something I need. I don't particularly need more volume to my already poofy hair. It has a gel like consistency, like its name sake. I haven't used it to be able to tell if there is more volume. I have enjoyed other Big Sexy Hair products, so I'm sure this is a lovely hair product for the appropriate hair type.

Next is the LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser. I was a little wary of this since my last experience with LA Fresh wipes are of a horrible powdery smell. Luckily this didn't have the smell issue. It smells a little fruity. The actual wipe is very nice, thick, and soft with adequate moisture. I haven't attempted this with waterproof makeup, but it works nicely on daily makeup without irritating my eyes.

Next is Zoya nail polish in Giovanna. Of the color selections available, this would have been the least likely color I would have picked up on my own. So it was actually a great surprise that I liked it so much. I think Zoya polishes have one of the best formulas as a whole, and I've liked their polishes for awhile. Giovanna is no exception to the quality I expect from Zoya. It applies nearly opaque in the first coat, and the color is a vibrant, rich jewel toned green with a hint of blue duochrome.

Next in the bag is the Be Delectable Coconut & Cream Hand Cream by Cake Beauty. This stuff smells good enough to eat. It's a non-offending version of coconut that I want to slather myself in. It's a nice hand cream as well. It doesn't leave the hands greasy, and it absorbs well into the skin. It's rather moisturizing as hand creams go as well. Apparently you can get this brand at Kohl's, and there are 3 other flavor options available.

Last, but not least is the Buxom Full-on Lip Polish in Dolly. I'm a huge fan of these glosses, and have been for years. It has a nice minty tingle to it, but it's not to the point of being uncomfortable to wear. It's meant to plump up the lips slightly (and it does to some extent). It's a gloss with enough stickiness that it doesn't fade from the lips in 2 seconds, but not too sticky that everything gets stuck to your lips. Dolly is a nice wearable daily shade of a muted pinky-nude shade with pretty gold shimmers. It's not vary opaque on the lips (since it's close to a "natural" lip color), but adds a nice pop of sparkle.


Two coats of Zoya Giovanna with top coat. Look at the pretty jewel tones that shines in all lights.

Sunlight Pic

Shade Pic

Flash Pic
Hand swatch of Buxom Dolly, followed by a lip swatch.

You can see my lip freckles through the gloss to give you an idea that it's not fully opaque. It just gives a nice hint of pink with some sparkle.

Bottom Line: This was a great bag (even though I didn't find everything in the bag useful to me). Last month for me was a little bit of a disappointment, so I'm glad Ipsy turned the tides with this one.

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