Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Cover Girl Capital (Catching Fire) Collection: Review & Swatches

When I originally came across the Cover Girl Capital collection, there was only a limited display. I reviewed those items from this collection here. I figured based on the pamphlet/booklet that there must be more items (at least more Glosstinis), and I was correct. I found an extended display, and couldn't help myself from buying a few more things (especially since there was a sale going on).

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

The extended displays are shown above and below. As stated in my prior post, the only "new" items are the glosses, Glosstinis, and the Flame Up mascara. In the newer displays I saw, all the new items were in one set up, while the repeats (plus mascara) where in another display.

I picked up another Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Ashen Glow. These are part of the permanent collection, so nothing new. I just really enjoyed the Gold Flame one so much, that I wanted another one. Ashen Glow is a pretty, very fall appropriate olive green/khaki/ash color. The only downside is that it doesn't apply as evenly as Gold Flame. It's still very pretty, but it's just a harder product to work with unfortunately. 

Since I found the full display of the Glosstinis, I ended up picking up a few more colors. Violet Flicker is a purple/violet color with blue shimmers (which for some reason doesn't show up in the macro pic). In some lights it picks up a little gold. This was a slightly sheerer formula, and did leave a few "bald" areas on the nail if you looked closely. The formula was otherwise very easy to apply, and the lasting time was average.

Inferno is a great vibrant red with gold shimmer. The name describes it perfectly. It's a pretty fall shade that reminds of changing leaves, and it would work well during the Holidays as well. The formula is very opaque. It applied evenly without any fuss. Lasting time was average.

Scalding Emerald is an olive green with gold and blue shimmer particles. It shifts a little purple on occasion. This is also a slightly sheerer formula, although not as sheer as Violet Flicker. Once again the formula is easy to apply with average lasting time.

Just as a side note, based on swatches I've seen (as well as what appears in the bottle), the black polish in this collection (Black Heat) is VERY reminiscent of Maybelline Twilight Rays. So if you can't find Black Heat, I suggest looking into Maybelline Twilight Rays since it's part of the permanent collection.  Both are pretty colors, I just don't need two essentially same polishes in my collection. Sometimes I truly do have some self control. Just sometimes though.


First off is the Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Ashen Glow. As you can see from the swatch it's an olive green/khaki color that's really pretty. The downside is that it's not as easily buildable. You can see the sheer patch in the middle of the swatch.

Two coats of Violet Flicker on the nails with top coat. You can see the blue shimmer slightly better on the nails (although it pulls more silver). You can also see the bald patches on my pinkie.

Shade Pic

Flash Pic

Sunlight Pic
 Two coats each of Scalding Emerald (index and pinkie fingers), and Inferno (middle and ring fingers) with top coat.

Natural Light Pic

The following pic is blurry I know, but I wanted to show off the shimmering nature of the polishes. It's easier to see the occasional blue sparkle in Scalding Emerald. It really does sparkle!

Sunlight Pic
Bottom Line: It seems like any of the Glosstinis would be a good buy based on the 5 shades that I have. I would at least pick up one of these up. The Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Ashen Glow is an ok product. Nothing I would be in a great hurry to pick up, especially since it's part of the permanent collection.

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