Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kat Von D Palette Starry Eyes Makeup Palette: Review & Swatches

In celebration of a special someone's birthday, I figured I'd finally review something that was given to me from them. That would be the Kat Von D Starry Eyes Makeup Palette. Ya I know, this particular palette no longer exists, but the review is still pertinent since the individual items within this palette/set are still available. I'm sorry you can't get the whole shebang, but I'll still show you everything in it's glory.

To continue reading the review and see what you can get individually, click the link below.

Let's say, first off, the packaging is awesome. And yes, that's one of the reasons I was given this (besides asking for it). Even my special someone agreed the packaging was top notch. Inside are four sets of the True Romance Eyeshadow Trios (available at Sephora), an Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick (available here), and a Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick (available here).

First of the trios is Felix, which seems oddly similar (most likely identical) to Dreamer that is currently available. This is the best trio out of the bunch and performed well even without a primer underneath. All the trios have the same theme of one light frost shade, a matte medium tone shade, and dark sparkly/shimmery shade. In the case of Felix there is a light beige frost, khaki matte brown, and a pearl/shimmer dark chocolate brown.

Next is the first of the purple trios, Lohnër. There doesn't seem to be an exact reincarnation of this trio, but the closest trio with what appears to be the same light shade is Fever Ray. The colors included are a frosted light plum, a matte purple eggplant, and a shimmery dark (almost black) purple.

The green trio is Helmüt, which still exists by the same name. Without primer, this was the worst of the bunch and barely shows up on swatches. Luckily that's why primer was invented. There is a frost sea foam green, matte kelly green, and a mostly matte forest green with glitter.

The second of the two purple trios is Requiem, which is the brighter of the two purples (the macro pics makes it less vibrant than it really is). There is no equivalent to this, but Kat Von D must have read my mind. My only gripe about the palette is that it has two purple trios (even though I don't know if I could pick one over the other). I thought it would have been nice to have another color scheme, and now such a thing exists in Beyond Redemption (a blue trio available online). Back to Requiem, which is the task on hand. The colors are a lilac frost, mid-tone pink based purple, and a deeper shimmery purple with a hint of blue.

As a round up, the matte shades without primer are rather lackluster, but build up nicely over primer. All the light frost shades work well, and a smattering of quality in terms of the darkest shades.

On to the lip products. First off both of these shades are still available for retail individually (links at the beginning of the post). These are liquid lipsticks with full on opacity and color. Once it's on your lips, it pretty much lasts through almost anything (including drinks and food). Both have a doe foot applicator. Really the only difference between the two formulations is that the Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick is a matte with shimmer, and the Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick is completely matte. Because of the formula, it can be a little drying on the lips so I recommend balm underneath and throughout the day.


As mentioned earlier, this is the type of shadows that truly work better (and sometimes only work) with an eye primer (minus the brown shades). It's almost lackluster without them. Comparison between bare (no primer) swatches, and swatches over primer below.

Felix: No Primer
Felix: With Primer
Lohnër: No Primer
Lohnër: With Primer
Helmüt: No Primer
Helmüt: With Primer
Requiem: No Primer
Requiem: With Primer
Quick eye look using a mixture of the colors from Felix and Requiem. Further proof that hand swatches aren't always the most accurate way to portray a product. It works well on the lid.

Hand and lip swatches of Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. This is a nude-peach matte color. I'm not the biggest nude fan, but this is a wearable color. As seen on the lips, it can be rather drying so make sure you get rid of any dry bits with a scrub, and layer with a balm prior to application. 

Hand and lip swatch of Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick in Adora. The gold microshimmer is more noticeable on the hand swatch. Once on the lips, it gives more of a metallic finish to the lips.

Bottom Line: If you want full coverage, long lasting liquid lipstick, definitely get yourself either of the items included in this kit. Just be forewarned that it can be a little drying on the lips so keep gloss/balm handy. If I were to repurchase only a single True Romance Eyeshadow Trio it would be the Felix reincarnation Dreamer because of it being the best quality and the most wearable shades. If you like the other colors, I still thinks it's worth it, just use primer underneath to bring out the true colors. As a whole palette, I actually really like it. Too bad it doesn't exist anymore.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I actually just bought it today on closeout at my local Sephora for only $23. I was thrilled to stumble across it, as I'd just been looking at the Helmut KVD shadow separately. Glad to see the colors will build up well with primer!

    1. Total SCORE! That's awesome. I think you'll get great use out of it overall :)