Monday, October 7, 2013

October SquareHue Collection: Review & Swatches

Going strong, and doing my second Monday Mani post of the day! Usually I get SquareHue packages within the first couple days of the month, but this month took a little longer (which is not a big deal, just something I wanted to point out). The October collection is The Moto Collection, and it contains the obligatory orange and black (lets say for a special holiday at the end of the month), along with a few nice surprises.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

As indicated before the page break, yes there is an orange and black in this month's set. That's to be expected. Like you need a green for March. However, what SquareHue does that's so great is that they put a spin to the norm. Sometimes it's what you expect, but often they throw in a good surprise to keep you on your toes.

Desert Grit is a light creamy tangerine meets orange creamsicle shade in the bottle. I like orange, and this was a new shade, so I was fine with it. Then I applied it to find it was darker swatched on the nail then in the bottle. Once again, no biggie since that is one thing that is often the case with SquareHue polishes. It can be darker on the nails than in the bottle. Anyway, as it was drying I looked at my nail, and thought I forgot to buff one section properly, and was about to throw a fit when my nail transformed. Desert Grit is a gritty textured "sand" polish, much like all the rage. I haven't bought any of these type of polishes since I don't know if I would like textured polishes. This dries down to a rather shiny midtone orange with  "grit". I like that it doesn't dry matte.

Iron Horse is the obligatory black within the collection. I know a black cream is no fun, but let me tell you that this is a GREAT black cream. It applies opaquely in two coats, and it's SUPER shiny even without a top coat. The swatches show the reflection of my camera lens (if you look closely enough). It's a great, no-nonsense type of black that everyone would benefit from having. It's a true staple color.

Oil Slick is the last polish of the set that is reminiscent of other popular polishes of this type. It's a metallic silver with silver micro-shimmer at heart, but it flashes green and purple depending on the light. My camera could not capture these nuances to save its life. If you really use your imagination, you can see the purple tint towards the top left of the macro, and a greenish tint towards the bottom right. Ya, I know I'm really stretching the concept, but I promise it's beautiful in person. Another great polish.


All polishes are without any top coats. One coat of Desert Grit on the index finger, and two coats each of Oil Slick (middle finger), and Iron Horse (ring finger).

Sunlight Pic: Desert Grit, Oil Slick, Iron Horse
A "profile" view of Desert Grit to show the texture of the polish a little better.

Shade Pic: Desert Grit, Oil Slick, Iron Horse

Flash Pic: Desert Grit, Oil Slick, Iron Horse

Bottom Line: Still great! Especially throwing in a new textured polish to keep it from being the some old, run of the mil,l orange and black combo for October. I'm pleased with each shade.


  1. Awesome review! Thanks for the lovely swatches! Great job! I love the textured polishes! Too bad I didn't have enough money to buy this months box! That black looks great and oil slick, lol you're crazy! I CAN SEE THE PURPLE AND GREEN SHIFT JUST FINE! Lol u did a great review!

    1. Glad you could see the shift. I am a little bit of a perfectionist at times. If you get a chance, you should try out SqaureHue. I think it's worth it. Maybe ask it for a gift?