Monday, August 12, 2013

Lypsyl Honey Berry and Extreme Cold Sore Relief: Review

I actually received these two products for free from Influenster as part of winning a brand challenge (along with the original version) several months ago, but sometimes I'm a little late in reviewing things. I reviewed the original LypSyl when I got it as part of my Natural VoxBox from Influenster. However, my general thoughts regarding the original formulation is different from these two, so I figure it warranted another review.

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Hopefully you clicked the link above for the basics (packaging, wear, etc), but in a nutshell I really enjoy (day I say love) the original LypSyl. So when I new that there was a version that has a fun flavor (Honey Berry) that also had SPF, I was stoked. That's why when I found out I was a the LypSyl brand challenge winner and got these in the mail I opened it up immediately. Formulation with the Honey Berry version is same to the original besides the differences already noted. I still find it to be hydrating, and obviously it's protecting my lips from the sun. My main issue is the smell/taste. It's horrible, and it lingers. I dislike the smell so much that this has been delegated to my gym bag, and not something I reach for (unless I don't have any other choice).

The Cold Sore Relief is unlike the balm in that it is a greasy, runnier version of an ointment. It does have a menthol feel and slight medicinal taste if gotten on the tongue. I thankfully don't get cold sores, so I was using this in the colder months as a lip ointment. It worked well for that (and the packaging states that it can be used as a balm), although I don't particularly recommend it for that use. I would imagine that it can soothe cold sore irritation as well since the menthol helps to create a numbing sensation where it's applied. The packaging is a nice squeeze tube with a tight fighting cap and beveled application area. It's smaller in size than the LypSyl balms, so portability is easier.
Bottom Line: Personally I like the original better. I like the fact that the Honey Berry has SPF in it, but the smell/taste is off putting to me personally. Also I don't get cold sores (luckily), so I don't have much use for Extreme Cold Sore Relief.

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