Sunday, August 18, 2013

Skincare Sunday: H2O+ Sea Results Kit Review

I was trolling the aisles of Ulta when I came across this little H2O+ Sea Results Kit. Apparently this kit of deluxe samples is $29.50, but marked down to $18.99, I couldn't resist trying it out.  I've seen H2O+ products around, but never made the plunge to try some out. But now's a good a time as ever.

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The Sea Results line is meant to be an age prevention and care line using marine based products and other ingredients meant to work well on your skin. Obviously the items in this kit are meant to work together in a synergistic fashion.

First item to apply is the Sea Results Deep Sleep Recovery Serum. This serum contains a "micro-encapsulated" retinol that helps with fine lines, evening skin tone, and improving skin texture. These are claims that would be true with any retinol product, but it's meant to do all this without irritation, which isn't something that all retinols can claim. It also contains sea fennel, which apparently has similar properties to retinols. Last, but not least, it contains tri-peptide (powerful amino acids) that helps with fine lines.

My opinion? It has the oddest texture for a serum I've ever come across. It seems to have weird sharp fiber-like things in it even though it doesn't. It just feels like it has odd fibers. It doesn't irritate my skin, but I do notice it hasa prickly texture when I apply it. Also I don't think it did much for me. At least it lives up to its claim of being gentle. I had no problems with retinol type irritation.

Next to be applied is the Sea Results Deep Sleep Recover Cream. I didn't bother waiting in between applying this and the serum. It contains marine collagen to help firm the skin by increasing elasticity while providing deep moisture. Kudzu root extract strengthens collagen proteins by boosting amino acids. The other main ingredient is what H2O+ is calling an Anti-Aging Marine Blend, which contains nori (seaweed) for reducing fine lines, himanthalia (grass) to calm and soothe, and spirulina (blue-green algae) to boost cell immunity.

I found this to be a rather thick and luxuriant cream (see pic below-the cream is thick to the point that peaks can be made). It applied nicely, and never felt greasy. Although meant to be a night cream, there were instances that I would wear it during the day under makeup without any issues. My skin absorbed the cream, and I did feel like it calmed any irritation that I had on my skin from using other products. It left my skin felling supple as well.

The other step to go along with the first two is the Sea Results Eye Mender Plus. You can't leave your eyes to fend for themselves since this is the area with the most sensitive/delicate skin. It contains Monk's pepper berry to help laugh lines, puffiness, and fatigue by reducing dermal creases and improving elasticity/firmness. A special plant-derived amino acid called sepilift to strengthen collagen fibers to once again increase elasticity and fight free radicals that are bad for your skin. Coralina (red seaweed) also helps fight against free radicals, and it has the same Anti-Aging Marine Blend as the Sea Results Deep Sleep Recover Cream. As a note, the full-sized item comes in a a tub much like the cream.

I found this to be a nice cream that didn't feel too thick or goopey. Once again it absorbed into my skin nicely without a greasy feel. It worked well under eye makeup, and it generally hydrated well. It's a good cream, just not the best for me. I do find my under eye area to get dry easily and I tend to go for thicker/creamier textured eye cream, or something slightly more emollient (especially if formulated for night use). For the claims of reducing puffiness, I don't know since that's usually not an issue I have. It didn't do anything for dark circles (if that's what the company meant by "fatigue"). I don't have too many dermal creasing to have noticed much of a change in those either.

Bottom Line: It was worth a try, but as a whole the line is a pass for me. I've tried better. The only product I would consider re-buying is the Deep Sleep Recovery Cream, since it has a nice thick texture that was very emollient and rich for night time use and lived up to many of its claims. The other two products were either sub-par (Deep Sleep Recovery Serum), or just on the high end of ok/good (Eye Mender Plus).

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