Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bare Minerals Fired Up Set: Review & Swatches

This is a lovely palette I actually got for Christmas, but I hadn't gotten around to reviewing it. The great news is that it's still available online. Bare Minerals has always been a quality brand, but for many years the loose powder formula only philosophy may have turned off many people. Now that they've considered a broader range (non-loose powder) of makeup, it's user friendly for all preference types. With a full face palette (just add a mascara) including brushes, plus a clutch (that I personally wouldn't use), this set is a steal for $39.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

This palette consists of a shiny metallic gold cover, with slots for all the products on the inside. I'm sure eventually I'll depot this as I use up the products, but in the meantime it's nice and sturdy casing. Also the makeup brushes included are usable. The blush brush is nice and soft and works in a pinch (as a whole I don't think a small flat brush is a good choice for blush), and the usual sponge tip applicator for eyeshadows works well. There is also an informational insert on two looks that you can do (see one of the looks below).

Otherwise the rest of the palette contents are actual makeup/cosmetic products. First there are the READY Eyeshadows in the colors Flare, Sizzle, Hot Spell, and Fuze. Flare is a shimmery cool toned icy-white. Sizzle is a nice bronzey-gold color that packs a shimmery punch. Hot Spell is a matte cool toned mid-purple that leans a little pink. Fuze is the other matte shade in the palette, a cool toned mid-brown. I do appreciate that there are both matte and shimmery shades in the palette, making a complete look easier to accomplish. As a whole, the palette (besides Sizzle) tends to be more cool toned. The formula on the eyeshadows are top-notch. Applies smoothly without any powdery texture. Color payoff is great as well.

READY Blush in The Turn On is one of the other color products in the palette. A cool toned matte mid pink that would work on all skin tones. It does give a nice flushed, "turned on" look. Highly pigmented, but can be applied lightly for fairer skin tones. Great texture as well.

Prime Time Eyelid Primer will ensure that you don't have any eyeshadow budging. It works well and the eyeshadows stays put. The Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight is literally one of THE blackest, smoothest, most emollient liners I have EVER used. It's almost TOO creamy and emollient. It's so dark, it's almost hard to tone it down. This is both good and bad. Upside is there is no tugging on the eyelids, and it lasts a long time. I haven't tried the validity of the waterproof claim. Last, but not least in the palette is the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Smokin' Hot, a sparkly pinky/mauve red. It comes with a doe-foot applicator. The lip gloss itself is a non-sticky formula with a minty taste/feel. It tingles, but not for long. It's comfortable and lasts on the lips well for a lip gloss. It's very comfortable to wear, and a usable color.


The following are the swatches of the READY Blush and READY Eyeshadow on bare skin.

Shade Pic of Blush: The Turn On, Eyeshadows: Flare, Hot Spell, Sizzle, Fuze
Sunlight Pic of Blush: The Turn On, Eyeshadows: Flare, Hot Spell, Sizzle, Fuze

Prime Time Primer, Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss, Round the Clock Eyeliner
The following is a look using the "Glam" guidelines included in the pamphlet.

Bottom Line: Great palette at a great price. This is truly a very user friendly palette that has all you need, just add a mascara. Go get it now!

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