Monday, August 12, 2013

Maybelline Clearly Spotted Nail Polish: Review & Swatches

It's Monday, and time for a new mani. I've been on the hunt/excited to try the new Polka Dots nail polish line from Maybelline. I was good, and also wanted to see how this applied prior to going crazy with the entire line of polishes, so I stuck with a staple. The black and white polka dots of Clearly Spotted. These retail for  $3-4 depending on where you buy it.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Clearly Spotted is a multi-sized white and black glitter. Specifically I see tiny round and medium sized black hex glitter, along with small and medium white hex glitter. There's enough of a variety in size and color to make it interesting. Unlike the other colors in this line, this is meant more to be a top coat, and will have a hard time getting to the opaque point. So if you're looking for a one stop shop type of polish, look elsewhere.

Application was truly flawless. No weird clumping, and no need to "place" the glitter. All sizes came out of the bottle on first swipe. Also the glitter laid flat, making the job of the top coat easier. This isn't the type of glitter polish that eats up top coat. Wear time was great at 5-6 days.


The following swatches are one coat of Clearly Spotted over Essence nail polish in Grey-t to be Here with a top coat over it. As you can see, all nails got different sized glitter pieces (just in different ratios) creating a more cohesive look.

Shade Pic

Flash Pic

Sunlight Pic
Bottom Line: It applied nicely and flat without any issues, and the larger glitter pieces applied without needing to fish them out of the bottle. I'm impressed enough that I want to try some of the colored variation in this line. I have no clue if this is part of the permanent collection or not, so I guess I better hurry.

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