Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness Friday: Coromega Supplement Review

Now that I've covered snacks of my liking, why not a supplement choice for today's Fitness Friday. Although I have used Coromega (found through my own research), this particular pack of four was as a result of "earning" it from Earndit (to find out about this, click here). Because of my Earndit prize, I was able to get the 3 boxes of the Coromega Omega 3 Squeeze for a fraction of the price, and they added the Coromega Omega 3 Fruit Gummies for Adults for free. Each is a month supply of supplement, but there are other options and packaging sizes on their website.
To read  more about Coromega supplementation, click the link below.

The following two paragraphs describe why omega 3 supplement is useful, and why Coromega specifically. You can skip this if you want to get to the products details itself without the background info. I know I nerd it up on occasion.

So why omega 3 supplementation? Besides the long history as a kid being forced fed fish oil supplements by my mother to "make me smarter", as an adult I have done my own research.  Omega 3 (and 6) often found in fish oil products are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). Ya, ya, lots of science mumbo jumbo. In a nutshell, these PUFAs are considered to be the miracle supplement for EVERYTHING. There is actual proof (scientific data) for the heart benefits, and anti-inflammatory benefits of PUFA. There's preliminary data for a bunch of other potential benefits such as increasing brain function, aiding in cancer treatment, and weight loss.  The verdict is still out on the extra benefits, but the two things that are proven, heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits, are enough of an incentive for me to take this. I'm the lucky owner of two bad knees (unfortunately runs in the family), and I do notice a difference when I don't take my supplements. The week I ran out of my supplement, I found myself taking more anti-inflammatory MEDICATION because of knee pain. I didn't put the causative effect together until after the fact, but now I have proof!

You ask why Coromega? It's the most bang for the buck. The active ingredients of the omega 3 in the product is EPA and DHA, and there is a much higher bioavailability of these supplements found in the Coromega Squeeze when compared to other supplements. The individual squeeze packets are really portable as well, making it easy to use.

How do these taste? Much better than the pills or unflavored fish oil supplements, but not fabulous. I hate the Lemon Lime flavor, but I hate fake lime products anyway. The Orange and Chocolate Orange is palatable. The Gummies are fabulous, but don't have as high bioavailability as the squeeze packs.

Bottom Line: For me omega supplementation is a must, and a easy way to reduce the amount of medication I need to take. The Coromega works, doesn't taste bad (as long as you choose the right flavor), and it's easy to carry. It's an all around winner!

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