Sunday, August 4, 2013

Skincare Sunday: DIY Avocado Seed Face Scrub

Since I've been on spree of watching a bunch of YouTube videos to learn how to do DIY skincare, I figured it would be a nice topic for Skincare Sunday. This Avocado Seed Face Scrub is not of my own invention, and I learned about it from here (it's a video that shows the steps). Here's my first go at it, and my thoughts on how it works.

To continue reading the directions for making the scrub, click the link below.

First things, first, you need a cleanser that's thick enough to be able to support your avocado seed chunks. I used the CVS version of the Pond's Cold Cream. I've used it in the past (reminds me of my g-ma), and I figured why not? Other contenders were Cetaphil or Cerave hydrating/non-foaming cleanser.

Next key ingredient is the avocado seed. Next time you make guac, or whatever avocado inspired dish, keep the seeds. You need to wash the avocado bits off the seed with lukewarm water. I personally added a little soap to wash to get the excess grease/oil off the seed. Then you set it out in sunlight to dry (either outside or on the windowsill). Depending on the seed size, it takes 3-5 days to dry.

Once dry, cut the seed into eighths (rough size shown below), or whatever size you want. Just make the pieces smaller in order to easily fit into your blender/food processor. Then you let your blender/food processor run until you get the seed to your preference of scrub size.

Below is what I decided was a good scrub size. I wanted something chunkier. The orange color is normal and occurs almost immediately as the seed oxidizes. Note: With hind sight, I would have made smaller/finer chunks.

Dump the seeds into your cleanser container of choice and mix away! If you want to make less of a mess, I suggest you mix in a separate bowl, and then put back into the cleanser container. 

The finished product will look something like what you see below. To use, slather a desired amount onto your face and rub around. The cold cream helps to break up any makeup on the face. I then take a face wipe to first take off my eye makeup, and then take the scrub off. Luckily the cold cream is rather rich, so despite theslightly abrasive quality of the chunkier avocado seed, I can use this on a daily basis. It works well to exfoliate any dead skin off your face.

It was an easy scrub to make. I might try doing this in the future with coffee grounds. It might be a finer scrub to use, and I'll probably try one of the other cleansers I mentioned earlier.

Bottom Line: It's a decent scrub, but not my go to. I might have liked it better if the seed size was smaller. Also the Cold Cream is a little too greasy for my liking. In the end, I need better ingredients to suit my liking. I don't think the recipe itself was the issue.

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