Friday, May 3, 2013

Revlon FX Nail Polishes: Review & Swatches

Heart of Gold FX and Celestial FX

Looking for a way to jazz up your nails? Could these two top coats be your answer? These came out earlier in the year, but seem to part of the permanent collection (I've seen them in the normal racks and it has a home). There is always a part of me that loves rainbows, magic, and unicorns, and the Revlon FX Nail Polishes seem to fill that urge.

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I don't know if Revlon will come out with any more of these FX polishes, or if there were any other ones prior to these, but I got the two "newest" ones. These are meant to be top coats, so don't expect them to get opaque on their own. Celestial FX is a clear based polish with holographic, blue, green, and orange/cream colored smaller glitters, with star, crescent moon, and diamond shaped holographic glitter.  It is an EXPLOSION of glitter particles, and fabulously pretty in the bottle (see the macro). Is it pretty on the nails? Not so much. It kinda gets lost in translation. The prettiest part was surprisingly the smaller glitter pieces. However, EVERYTHING gets overridden by the fact that this polish is a pain in the your know what to apply.  As in I had to go on a fishing expedition to get any of the larger pieces of glitter out, I ended up applying too much of the base coat,  and the geometric shaped glitter when I did manage to scoop it out didn't lie flat.  The end result wasn't worth the effort to get it.

Heart of Gold FX is exactly what you would expect with that name. It's made of clear base with gold smaller glitter and holographic hearts.  At first I wasn't drawn to this one as much since it wasn't initially as eye catching.  But curiosity won out and I bought this as well. The application of this polish was just as painful as Celestial FX. I still needed to try finding and scooping out the hearts, and then I had to place them where I wanted it and try not to push it out of place.  The difference of this one though is that I personally liked the end result. It was the prettier of the two top coats in my opinion.


Below is 2-ish coats of Heart of Gold FX over two coats of Spoiled in Bite Me. I thought the combo turned out nicely, and I didn't have a problem with the hearts laying down flat. I did add an extra top coat for added measure.

Natural Light

Flash Pic
Below is 2-ish coats of Celestial FX over two coats of Pure Ice in Temptress with top coat. The nail polish looks textured, but it isn't.  It's just that Temptress also has a metallic/foil finish.

Sunlight Pic

Shade Pic
Bottom Line: Unless you REALLY like the top coat, I'd pass on it. It's generally not worth the trouble and the effort to make this look decent. Case in point: I gave away my Celestial FX. (I kept Hearts of Gold FX since I liked the effect, but I don't go reaching for it often).

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